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The Knights of the Veg Table - An Honor Roll Call for the Chosen


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A summary statement of what it means to be Chosen, a Knight of the Veg Table written by Topgumby.

Why a "Knight of the Veg Table"?

It's a coupling of the comedic and a tip of the hat to man's nobler ambitions, and the tragedy that can spring from pursuing those ambitions. Camelot had chivalry, treachery and not a little wistfulness. That's Lilac Vegetal. Monty Python and the Holy Grail skewered all that relentlessly, but somehow without malice. That's The Veg on B&B, too.

Perhaps one of the most important thing about being chosen by that most polarizing of scents, The Veg, is to recognize that being rejected is no crime, and those who use and admire LV are not elevated above, merely separated from, those left gasping in dismay that anybody in their right mind could actually enjoy smelling like a rotting compost heap that Mr. Whiskers favors when he needs to go. They know not the serene green glade of time honored, masculine floral goodness that we know. This dividing line should never be fought over. It's all in fun.

Yet, there is more to being chosen by LV than being able to yuck it up when others wrinkle their noses in wide eyed disbelief. The Veg was created in 1880 by Ed Pinaud for the Hungarian cavalry. It's time tested, and harkens back to a day when the connection between confrontational earthiness and sublime romanticism was more universally understood.

It's been used by the famous, including John Wayne, and enjoyed by those less famous but perhaps more deserving of our admiration.

In my research about this famous, or infamous, scent, the thing that sticks most in my mind is a recent obituary notice. A Mr. David Lee Young, born in Brooklyn in 1922 passed away in August of this year. I never knew him, but I do know him, for the man described in the tribute could well be my own father. Mr. Young knew the hardships of the Great Depression, wore stripes at D-Day and the Bulge that he payed for in blood, put the war behind him to go on to raise a family and enjoy success in business and appeared to have enjoyed some of the simple pleasures of life, too. I'll let the obituary speak:

"He loved golf, classical music, and card games including pinochle, gin rummy, cribbage, bridge, and poker. David was an avid sports enthusiast. He possessed an amazing ability for numbers and languages - Yiddish, French, and German. He was tough as nails with size 14 shoes, a brilliant mind, and a great sense of humor. His aftershave was Lilac Vegetal."

That is a small part of the legacy that the Chosen pick up when they lift that bottle off the counter. A scent so unique that appears in the summation of a remarkable man's remarkable life.

So this is a place for the Chosen to proclaim that they have tried The Veg and found it good, a place for camaraderie and, perhaps, recognition of the nobility that is sometimes lost in all the comedy that surrounds this uncommon drugstore scent.

Welcome, fellow Knights of the Veg Table.

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paid $10 w/taxes for it..Been over 6 months..still got 85%% in my 12oz bottle..splash it on..dont "dab "it on...still keep regenerating back into my bottle somehow..:blink:
I am a very recent Inductee into these Hallowed Halls....

Shave Of The Day 16th September 2012:




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I'm proud to say I'm a member of this venerable group.
I wear it frequently, and am proud to "Rock the Veg".

It has such noble beginnings;

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Bravo! I humbly request that I be inducted into this noble society! Wonderful work, Top, you have a true genius for capturing the essence of what it means to be Chosen by The Veg!


After that wonderful writeup, I feel the need for THE MUSIC!

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Bravo! I humbly request that I be inducted into this noble society! Wonderful work, Top, you have a true genius for capturing the essence of what it means to be Chosen by The Veg!

After that wonderful writeup, I feel the need for THE MUSIC!

Well done sir, and welcome!

I note in your signature "Noble Knight of the Veg Table" and I believe that the brethren of this group would be well suited to recognize each other by the use of this phrase in the signature line!


The Lather Maestro
I love the Lady in the Lake ref, Phil! :lol:

If you are Chosen, why not proclaim it proudly in your Sig Line, thusly ...
Indeed, indeed!

Even my CAT is chosen!

He doesn't much care for the Bay Rums, and he absolutely loves Floid Blue, but he snuggles when I wear The Veg!
Someone sent me a bottle for free, and i would gladly pay 3 no 4 NAY 10 times that amount to be with the veg in my life
I had originally wanted it to see just how bad it was,
but an odd thing had happened, my cat, never attacked me...
lightning did not strike my house...
people did not cross the road to the other sidewalk...
the world did not end...

and i liked it, A lot. In fact one day while out rocking it in the world i even had a beautiful young woman compliment me,

I to Love the Veg, and am proud to say I do

I am one of the chosen
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I debated for a long time when and how best to decide if I could be one of the chosen. About a year ago I found out that, indeed, I heard the call of the Veg.


Now half as wise
I have publicly proclaimed that I was a chosen one for some time, and would be honored to belong to this most august group.:a24:
I was turned on to the Veg over 20+ years ago at Bart's barber shop in Sea Cliff NY! I still keep it in stock at home.
With over 20 years of veg experience, would that qualify me as a member of this noble group? :clown:


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All are welcome. We do not choose our august members, the Veg does.
Once chosen, we welcome all brothers with open arms.
I was chosen, but even to this day, I've got to have my "A game" going to rock the Veg.

With the Veg, you go bold or stay at home.
Alas I am not among the chosen. When I tried the Veg, my wife wanted to know why I had been cleaning the cat box that early in the morning. My house and I are therefore Vegless.
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