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The Veg: Roll call


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Well, if it's on the internet, it must be true...🙂
Well, there you go!



Dirty Donuts are so Good.
I think in Aftershaves, you're more likely to get answers from people who have actually tried it, and less from people who have not but are happy to share "what they heard".
Having said that - The Veg is a staple aftershave for me. There is a floral note to it, and lilac scents have been associated with funerals and bathroom deodorizers for decades. That doesn't mean that Lilac Vegetal smells like funerals or bathrooms, it means that the scent was pleasant enough that some people thought it would be good to use as a distracting smell for those arenas.
For me, the Veg is most strongly associated with a very earthy, peaty smell, like a forest floor that is really great. There's just enough floral to offset the earthy smell from being overpowering, and brings it up a level or two from a very heavy scent.
I don't care for it much directly in the plastic bottle and put it in glass. I think there is some reaction with the plastic and air which is offputting to some folks.
It's certainly not a universally loved classic, but it has been in production long enough to confirm that there are PLENTY of people who are chosen and who do like it.
Manufacturers do not continue to make what people do not buy.

What happened to the rest of the video? I love that video and wait for Veg threads just in the hopes of seeing it and I am not chosen. :)

I am the owner of at least, 200 modern and vintage aftershaves give or take a dozen. I have always prided myself in thinking, I am the Will Rodgers of aftershaves because “I had never met an aftershave I didn’t like.”

Until Pinaud Lilac Vegetal. I got the rumored pissy, diaper smell I feared from reading all of the famed threads here. I don’t know if reading those first put my mind in a place to experience this, but I do know, my 27 year old daughter who was 17 at the time, splashed some on as a perfume splash and it smelled absolutely heavenly on her.

In fact, when she found out I had pif’d that bottle of veg here on badger & blade, she got quite upset with me for not offering it to her first.

I personally get along fine with Masters Lilac and have had a jug of it for quite sometime.
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I'm a fan...It goes especially well when paired with Gray Flannel Cologne. I do tend to use less in the summer, since the heat (90+) makes it a little cloying for me, and glass does seem to make a difference for most Clubman products for some reason.
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