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The Dreaded Boar Brush Smell- Defeated!


Just returned from a 4 day trip. However, prior to leaving, I believed that I had everything packed. But to my dismay, upon unpacking @ the hotel, I found that I had not packed either of my brushes.:frown:

As a result, a trip was made to wallys world where a burma shave boar was purchased($ 3.99).

Now, because I have an Omega boar at home, I did not want to duplicate the "hairs gathered from the boar's behind smell" in the hotel room(much smaller- no room for the smell to dissipate) what was I to do?:confused:

Fortunately, necessity is the mother of invention-coupled with the fact that I would not need the hair conditioner( bald as I wanna be), I poured the conditoner into the sink, added hot water and the brush, and then let it soak overnight.

In the morning, I removed the brush, dried it, and emptied the sink. I then poured more hot water into my shave mug and added the brush. next, I moved on to my shower and after completion, reached for the proraso.

Laughter soon filled the room ( rather than aforementioned smell) as i realized while whipping the cream into a lather, there WAS NO SMELL!

So after your next boar brush purchase, soak first b4 using, dry and rinse thoroughly, and enjoy the lack of smell.

BTW, its now Monday (brush purchased Thursday) and still no horrid smell!:biggrin:
It's been 12 days and still no horrid smell emanating from the burma boar! :biggrin:

Mitch I really cannot take credit for this discovery- I already knew about soaking it just didn't realize that soaking overnight b4 usage would b so beneficial!). However, on this occassion , I had no choice-plus I knew what would result if I didn't take action( police awaiting my return and wanting me to explain where I hid the dead body.)

I had the same experience--at a conference with my brand new boar brush purchased as a travel brush, confined to a hotel room, and forced to coexist with that horrible stench for 3 days.

In fact, I associated that smell with NB shave cream for many months--talk about guilt by association!


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At the risk of being banished from this site forever*, I'll admit that an old Burma Shave brush is one of my "guilty pleasures". Sure, it's about as low end as it gets, but it works pretty good on soaps and isn't nearly as God-awful as one would think.

*As is, my woeful collection of a measly three decent brushes undoubtedly has me on thin ice.:frown:
The burma is fine for what it does compared to what it costs- and thankfully, just about available anywhere.

as long as it builds up a nice lather, i'm fine with it-its just not my go to brush. Rather than buy a travel brush, this one stays in the dopp kit from now on-- that way "sometimers, oldtimers, and alzheimers" doesnt have a chance to kick in on my next trip.!

But... conditioner makes em too soft. Anyway, I have had a couple pure badgers that were smellier than any boar. Both were made by a well known maker of ye olde badger brushes. Took three weeks to lose the stink.
I own four boars, and a couple of horses (and many badgers and synthetics). I lathered and used all of them before I sniffed them. All smelled fine—just like the lather I used.
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