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The Body Shop Shaving Cream

There has been limited discussion about this cream, but I find it to be a winner! I started out with a sample that gave me three fine shaves, and since have purchased a tub. When I was talking to the manager of the local The Body Shop store, she told me that their shaving cream is made in England. I don't doubt it. The scent is nice and soft, pleasant if you will, and the lubrication is great. And a plus for me is that it is available locally. If you haven't tried this shaving cream, check for stores locally and ask for a sample.


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I agree this is good stuff. I posted about it back on the old wetshavers board, i think, or perhaps SRP-I am a member of so many groups these days. I also have the stuff in a tube now, for travel. I know its a funny thought, but the stuff looks kindof like whipped butter, to me. And it is stamped Made in England right on it, FWIW. I like their scent, sortof a cinnamon-sandalwood-nutmeg smell, but it is the ONLY scent available.
Its a great cream, I second Randy, its one of the best creams out there, and the fact that its widely available is a HUGE plus...
Now if they would offer a few more scents....
John P.
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