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The .44 and Other Flavors Of Magnum

To be honest, the porting probably does very little (except make it louder for the shooter), but the 16" barrel is handy.

Agree, I have one of the Guide Guns, 45-70 with the short ported barrel. Muzzle blast is rather impressive. Shoot it late in the day, around dusk, and you can see fire going everywhere.
My Ruger Bisely. I am embarrassed to admit, I have only taken her out once shooting in the 8 years that I have owned her. And even that was about 6 years back.

I still like to grab her out of the safe every now and then and listen to the heavy clicks of the cylinder. :)


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Nice gun Rob! I got me one of those in .45 Colt, which in that gun, can be loaded to equal or exceed the .44 mag.

This, and why I bought the Ruger Bisley convertible with .add'l 45 ACP cylinder. :thumbup:

Boy howdy, I made some 255 grain Colt loads on the warm side once that backed out the rear sight pin ...

I actually have three that can shoot my cast .452s: Ruger Bisley x2, G30SF, and the CVA Optima with sabots.

So not switching to the lesser .44 anytime soon.

Though that Ruger rotary .44 would have been a cool thing to have.

I got a rather standard Ruger Super Blackhawk, one of the shorter barrels, some years back. I loaded some heavy , I think 300 gr jacket bullets, and crimped very heavily. I cannot remember what load I used, but per my usual practice was on lower end of what manual gives. After the second shot the remaining bullets had moved forward locking the cylinder.
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Nice gun Rob! I got me one of those in .45 Colt, which in that gun, can be loaded to equal or exceed the .44 mag.

I probably should attempt or at least learn how to reload. Don't know if I'm smart enough. Where have you been?

Too damn quiet as of late. :)


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Nice lookin' Smith, Ron...and a P&R also!

I bet that Bisely handles recoil well with that grip angle Rob.

I probably should attempt or at least learn how to reload. Don't know if I'm smart enough.

It's easy, Rob. Just resize and prime the case, measure in the powder, seat and crimp the bullet...you're done. I'm sure there is someone at work who reloads...just have them walk you through it a couple of times.

Besides, you don't get to be a Captain in a major metropolitan police department by being stupid. :biggrin1:
I've had a few 44mags over the years. Sold some, but kept this S&W 5" Model 66 Classic, S&W 7 1/2" 'One Of One Thousand', and a Marlin Cowboy in 44 mag. Got a couple of 44 spl single actions as well. Best revolver caliber there is IMHO.


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Both .45LC and .44 mag easy to reload. Easy to learn. Initial investment can be steep, another rabbit hole to go down, but well worth it!


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You can make quality ammo with a 30 buck Lee Original Loader. It ain't fast, but it works.
I still have my original Lee loader for .38/.357 but I will probably never actually use it again. You can bust up your driveway with a sledge hammer and a cold chisel too, but I don't recommend it , unless you've been sentenced to life at hard labor!


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I've seen some Dillon's that didn't look too expensive.[/QUOTE

Dillons are fantastic! But not a fan of the Square Deal single stages. YMMV. If money is an issue, get the 550 basic and upgrade as needed. Otherwise get a single stage (slow) or a Redding T-7 turret press (not as slow, but slower than a Dillon). Don't waste time or money on a Lee, you'll only up grade later and wish you'd spent the money on something better.
I don't care for the Dillon 550 because of manual indexing. You have to step up to a 650 for auto index...I use a Hornady LnL. It auto indexes
I have two Ruger Super Redhawks in .454 Casul. I have the "Alaskan" model with the 2" barrel which is perfect bear medicine when I am fly fishing for Coho in Alaska, and the 8" I use for a hog hunting gun in Florida. The tolerances are not quite as tight as some of the S&W offerings, but they are built like Sherman tanks. I also have a GP100 .357 for my truck gun, and my main EDC is a S&W airlight J frame in .357 (perfect for pocket carry in the hot Florida weather.
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