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Thayers witch hazel, can u help me find it?

So i read on here often that lots of people live by this stuff. I've searched the local stores, the internet said walgreens had it(online), just not the local walgreens, and of course the interweb will sell u anything. So my questions are...

Am i not going to be able to find it in stores, chain/box stores? If the interweb is the only place to find it ez, where is a good places to start looking? Is there a way to get trail sizes of different scents? And what scents are taken as generally more pleasent?

The wife and i are planning a trip to maggards razors when we can afford it (only 40miles from home), so hopefully we can find some answers there.

Just kinda looking for an alternative to regular pharmacy witch hazel, which the wife hates the smell of. Thanks in advance everybody.
I live s.e. Michigan, Ann Arbor more specific. Whole foods, gnc, got those. Never a place i thought to check.
I'm pretty sure the thayers website has a list of stores that stock it. GNC will be a good bet. But don't be surprised if the person working has no idea what you are talking about.
I pick it up from GNC, and its cheaper than it is online. If your GNC doesn't have it then they will usually call another one for you to see if they have it.
I bought my first bottle from Whole Foods and the second from GNC. Both had a pretty limited selection (only 2 but differed from each other).


In addition, The Vitamin Shoppe sells the Rose Petal Thayers - at least in their stores in my area.
As mentioned before, GNC and Whole Foods carries it. But be prepared to pay the Whole Foods premium on it. GNC is the cheapest-- same price online without having to wait for shipping!

BUT, I recently jumped on the Thayer's bandwagon by ordering from drugstore.com. Get yourself a free Shoprunner account for 2 day shipping (you get one for eternity with your Amex card...but they also send out free renewals, so no worries if you don't have an Amex). I receive my orders from them in 1-2 days. Drugstore.com also has coupons floating around as well as Discover card cashback, making it even cheaper.