TENTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge - 2019 Edition

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Pippirull, Jan 25, 2019.

    Shave 17

    ATT SE1
    Schick Proline(17) flipped over
  1. Rapira Platinum Lux (19a)
    Proraso Green
    Proraso Green ASL
    Good shave.
  2. Saxonbowman

    Saxonbowman Ambassador

    Shave #19...
    Schick J1 injector Schick blade (19)
  3. Wilkinson Sword German (17)
    Russian cream with scent of apple.
    Russian lemon aftershave. This one is epic, just as squeezing a lemon on your face.

    Great shave, blade holds up good.
  4. Gillette Platinum Plus (14)

    I'm having to apply actual pressure to get the razor to cut 24 hours of whisker growth. WTG passes are pointless, the shave is just multiple ATG passes now. With a Gillette Slim set on 9, this really should not be a thing. There's no pulling or tugging or anything like that, and I got my BBS (in fact, my face feels great) but man is it taking a long time to get there. Methinks I'm going to have some unpleasant habits to unlearn when March 1 comes around and I'm applying a new stainless Gem blade to this mug.
  5. Just noticed this thread. I'm not shaving every day but in honor of the concept I will continue using the shark stainless in the gillette slim that I have been using since November until at least the end of Feb. I was considering changing it in the next few days.
  6. Feather #20; feels like more than 8 shaves left in this blade.
  7. Nacet (31) in Rockwell 6S/5 plate, shallow angle, DFS
    Dove for Men body stick, slick stuff
    Dove after shave balm
    Chanel Platinum Egoiste because it is Wednesday and that is SWMBO's favorite
  8. Wilkinson Sword German (18)
    Rotbart #15 with Mühle R41 handle
    RazoRock lime soap

    Ok results, but could be better. This razor is very comparable to Merkur 34c, just a slightly bit milder. Might be the reason I didn't get as good results as yesterday, more stubble left and a bit irritated skin.
    I can't say that the blade is dull, but it definitely doesn't cut as a new one.
  9. I didn't read this thread. I have started shaving with an Astra stainless but started on 4th of this month. So it doesn't count,although I want to finish February with this blade. It is so sharp and a bit harsh.

    Enjoy everyone.
  10. Rapira Platinum Lux (20a)
    Proraso Green
    Proraso Green ASL
    Good shave.
  11. Astra Superior Stainless (18)
    British Rocket Flare Tip
    TOBS badger brush
    Tabac soap, face lathered
    Montblanc Legend After Shave Balm

    Two days growth. Took a little more work to get a close shave, but attained it. Blade is holding up. Got a tiny nick trying to be fancy (or careless) with my touch up strokes. I may have to move the blade to an adjustable if I want to see it through to the end.
  12. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    :001_unsur What does the "a" mean MM?
  13. Shave 18

    ATT SE1
    Schick Proline(18) flipped over
  14. Saxonbowman

    Saxonbowman Ambassador

    Shave #20...
    Schick J1 injector Schick blade (20)

    Smooth sailing!
  15. TinyTim

    TinyTim Contributor

    I'm in new territory with 18 shaves on my GSB blade using a Merkur slant razor. This is a learning experience, and as some have said, an opportunity to work on my technique and shaving routine. This is evidence that, if my patience lasts, an old CAN learn new tricks. It just takes a longer time.
  16. Shave 20 today with the Topaz. Very nice shave. Still on the first edge, expect many, many more nice shaves with this one.
  17. Feather #21.
  18. Nacet (32) in Rockwell 6S/5 plate, shallow angle, DFS
    Cremo Sandalwood + Dove for Men bar
    Dove for Men after shave balm

    Seemed like a lot more work than normal, but no tugging or weepers. I will go back to the 6 plate or the Karve D for the rest of this blade's run.
  19. Topaz Platinum #21. My favorite type of shave -- fast, easy, close, no weepers or cuts, no irritation. Should get 20 or so more shaves like this from this edge, then decide how long it will last before I change sides.

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