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Ted Pella Injector loader

ok, just gave myself a serious cut in my hand, and noticed that the ted pella injector loader isnt straight, its slightly tilted, the blade went in tilted, the old blade went out tilted, cut my hand, plus i had to manualy allign the blade in the injector,

imnot buying these again
oh no! I'm sorry to hear that.. thanks for the warning, I was about to purchase some injector blades from them, as I just purchased some SE blades little while back.
actually, i was wondering if this is standart or i got a defective loader, so i wanted to see if someone else had these, or if theres a special trick,


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Used several Pella and Schick loaders - no difference.

I've always had to fiddle with the alignment a bit - especially in the older brass-headed razors.
I have had the white plastic holder detach but never had a blade problem. My advice would be to try it on another razor, if you have one. Barring that, be careful any possible try and open the blade channel in the razor with a toothpick when you try and insert the blade...
Those new fangled injector contraptions are just too complicated for shaving.

Reminds me of the Englishwoman who was quoted as saying: "If god had wanted me to fly he wouldn't have invented trains". My variation: "If god had wanted me to use a safety razor he/she wouldn't have invented the straight". :smile:

Seriously though - sorry to hear about the cut on your hand. :frown: