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Tabac Hair Cream

Wonderful product.

I gave my barber a bit to try and now he wants to sell it in his shop, but none of his usual distributors carries it.

What distributor might be able to sell a case or so to my barber, at something less than retail? If he has to pay retail, there's no reason for him to carry it.

Thanks all!
A Google search sends me back to B&B to learn that Tabac (at least as of January 2016) is distributed by Quality Fragrance Group.


Use code EXTRA15 until January 31 to get 15% off the clearance items and VDAY25 to get 25% off non-clearance items. The VDAY25 code ends tonight but Perfumania usually issues a new code every day. Both codes can added at checkout.

A few months ago, I emailed Tabac in Germany asking where I could get their deodorant stick and they told me to contact the Quality Fragrance Group in the USA which is owned by Perfumania Holdings. Perfumania Holdings naturally owns Perfumania. I think the Quality Fragrance Group is the distributor of Tabac in the USA.
Smells good but had absolutley no hold. A good conditioner IMHO. I used with a base of store brand wax or gel.
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