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Well, I got my Leaf Thorn in today!

After much deliberation and seeing a few posts around here I ordered the Leaf Thorn and got it in today! Just so happened I had to go to springfield today anyways so I stopped by a little place called Just for Him(I swear its the retail version of B&B, they have Razors, Soaps, blades, hats, fountain pens, tobacco, pipes, hats, and SOOOO much more) picked up this delicious smelling soap called "The Rambler" by Zangari Man(never heard of them before) my wife took one whiff when I got home and said you better get your new razor and shave. Who am I to refuse the wife right? Slapped a snapped in half feather blade in the Thorn grabbed my gorgeous brush and went to town with this intoxicating soap filling the room with its glorious scent! In case you couldn't already tell I am down with this soap, then the razor HOLY CRAP!!! I am certain that with practice and getting the angle down correctly I would easily be able to eliminate an entire pass to my current routine with the DE. With the merkur I have made my daily(until now) I usually feel the feedback like its on my face if that makes sense to you gentleman. With the Thorn I swear i can feel every hair being cut in the razor itself, it needs no pressure whatsoever. I was left with a DFS and my wife wont stop smelling my face! I would say this is a glorious day in my shaving journey lmao!


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I know this is a couple of weeks old, but congratulations on the purchase and great review! The Thorn is my very next purchase lined up. I have and use the Leaf Twig and it’s absolutely become my go-to razor. After a rough first go, I figured out the difference in angle you need to use, and it’s been nothing but great shaves since.

I have the Twig in chrome, and I think I’m going with black for the Thorn.


My exploding razor knows secrets
I really like the Twig and Thorn designs, and I really hope the Leaf company revisits plans to mass-produce a stainless steel version.
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