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    My 20-year-old sun hat, made by a company called Rohan, is at the end of its life, being very frayed, faded and tatty. Consequently, I'm now looking for a replacement, hopefully better than the Rohan veteran, which has a few weaknesses. These include that it's in a "bucket" style, which means it partly obscures my vision while not offering brilliant protection from the sun. However, it is very tough, easy to carry when not being worn and doesn't catch on my rucksack when I'm out on the hills.
    A wide brimmed hat I've had for a few years does give better sun protection, but gets in the way and is more awkward to pack away. I also own a cap with a neck flap, but find that the latter tends to make my neck feel very hot.
    I was thinking that a boonie hat might be a reasonable compromise, offering decent protection while being compact, and was wondering if any B&B members have any recommendations for headwear of this sort. I would prefer models available in plain colours, or with fairly subtle patterns, since I don't aspire to the soldier of fortune look, which an any case isn't popular here in the UK. I'm aware that many models available in the US won't be easy to get hold of here, but suggestions would at least giver me a starting point. I look forward to reading your tips.
  1. Tilley makes fine sun hats that satisfy your requirements. Mine have held up very well under rough duty.
  2. The two main ones that I've used over the past few years, are a Bramah Sundowner Roo, which is a packable hat made of kangaroo leather, and a Real Deal tarp hat from Brazil.
  3. I must say that I have many hats. I have recently moved to Texas and shall I say, hot! I have a Tilly hat and it is excellent and the warranty is excellent. One of the problems with that hat I have found is that the brim is so flexible that the wind will blow it up or down where it does no good. I recently purchased a Shelta hat, Shelta High Performance Sun Hats, and it has a plastic insert in the brim which negates the problem with the wind blowing the brim up or down. I use both hats depending on the weather or if I'm in a kayak. Anyway, good luck finding your perfect hat.

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    I'm fond of my Tilley "airflow" hat ... Tilley Airflo® Collection - Hats for every adventure | Tilley

    I have the broad-brim version, and it provides great shade. The mesh venting really helps with sweat dispersal, too. Their hats flatten right up like a pancake, and that's how I pack them; no worries about them getting crushed. Some people could also roll them up to pack, but I prefer the pancake method.
  5. I like my Wind River "Canvas Hat With Mesh Crown Mid Brim"hat from Mark's Work Warehouse, similar to this one:
    Mesh venting on the crown sides, 85% cotton 15% polyester, slightly elastic band inside so it takes a strong wind to blow it off, and only Cdn$26.

    It's hard to beat Tilley hats though.
  6. I am a big fan of my Real Deal Brazil hat, but based on your original description, they may come in "worse" shape than the one you are retiring.

  7. Alchemi sun hats. Maybe not the sunday go to town hat you are looking for but My wife really likes hers and I am getting one for me soon. I would have bought it sooner but I have a problem with buying something when one I have works just fine. My current sun hat is on its last legs after 2 summers of hard use.

    Keep in mind that we live in the desert where 100+ degrees are the norm several months of the year. I spent a decent amount on one of those mesh crown hats that was supposed to be "packable". Just press it flat and it will bounce back. It looked great until the first time I packed it. Then it looked like it had been smashed flat and packed.
  8. Out here in Colorado on the high peaks and while outside for hours at a time and while traveling and sailing, a great hat, indestructible and protecting one's head and face is standard and not optional.

    Got the first white canvas, green underside Tilly T3 twenty years ago and it keeps on doing its thing very well. It's always with me on a backpacking or climbing trip or while sailing. Looks perfect after all these years.

    The Green LTM9 is my travel and summer's hat around town, and while pounding the miles. The amount of mesh is tremendous, narrower brim, breathes well, stylish brim and it's easy to carry on planes. Don't know why its discontinued, probably Tilly wanted to sell wide brims. Who knows? This one is ten years old.

    One of the best choices I've made for skin protection.

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    Tilley Airflow fan here too for a summer hat. Mine seems like it will last forever. When the weather cools I'll switch to my Gorin cap.
  10. I have a great L.L. Bean sun hat. I would just check your local outdoorsy supply stores or maybe an army surplus store if you have them there.
  11. I've got 4 Tilley's. Love the winter one with ear flaps. Love them all, tho the fact that they are designed to be worn low on the brow takes some getting used to.
  12. Thanks for the many interesting suggestions. It looks like the best option might be one of the Tilley Airflo models, in nylon rather than cotton. They seem to be very light, and hopefully would be easy enough to pack into a rucksack or even pocket. Its lack of such "packability" was the main disadvantage of a Tilley T3 I owned many years ago.
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    US military surplus boonie hat. Does not cost much, lasts forever in the most extreme condition. Thousands of servicemen can’t be wrong.
  14. Another LTM6 AIRFLO owner, purchased due to some influencers here. I use mine at the beach, on the water, or taking a walk during the day.

    I also pancake the hat when packing into a suitcase, and just sort of stuff leading edge down into daypack which might also contain an umbrella, bottle of water, and other clothing. It has held up well.

    A picture from a couple months ago after getting hand washed and drying. It looked nearly new except for a little brassing.
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    I have a Marmot Simpson (or something like it) that I enjoy very much after having bought it in something of a pinch. It's very light and very comfortable, and I can pretty much fold it up and stuff it in a pocket if I wanted to without worry of messing it up. It looks like they don't make the same style, anymore, though. Shame. The one I have is vented on the sides and has no flap snaps, and I like that.

    If I were to replace it, I'd probably go with a Tilley Airflo or Alchemi.

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