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Stirling Bay Rum (??)

Question for those of you with experience with Stirling SS. Can I make a decent lather directly from its vessel or is using a bowl recommended? I prefer softer easy to work with soaps/creams/hybrids with my physical limitations. Please and thanks as always.
IMO Stirling is a great soap even without factoring in the bargain price. I never seem to screw up the lather with Stirling. Wet the brush and shake out the water, put some hot water on the puck, and then load the brush right on the soap. Once loaded, lather on the face adding a few drops of water to the brush every ten to twenty seconds until you have a lather you like.
it's actually nutmeg that Rod uses.

Yeah, I've heard that. For the most, I have a weird feeling about Bay Rum. I absolutely love Bay Rum aftershave but don't feel so strongly about bay rum scented soaps. I've heard some love for Barrister and Mann's Bay Rum and I have a tub in the new Omnibus base. For aftershaves, it is Atomic Age for a great simple Bay Rum, and Captain Smythe's Reserve for a more formal scent. Reserve is still pretty simple Bay Rum, but with some leather in the mix.
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