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Starter DE Razor for head shaving

Oh I'd also like to ask if it would be OK to use shaving gel for a while, because I bought 2 cans like 3 days ago -.-"
When I recently converted to DE shaving, I had the same situation and did exactly that, depleted my gel can inventory by shaving every day, which was also good practice. The gels worked fine for my face but I have no experience with head shaving. It was certainly easier and cleaner than using soaps and cremes, but they do give a better shave I believe. And some pre-shave oil may help too as I have to do that on my sensitive areas like between the lips and chin.
I really like SE razors for head shaves. I am looking forward to trying the AC format eventually but my current favorites are the Schick model E Injectable and the Twig. The Twig is more forgiving and probably more appropriate for someone who is learning.
I started with the Merkur 34C, and was not at all satisfied with the results on the dome. The Henson mild and medium are far superior for me as head shaving tools. The Henson was the first razor to give me a satisfactory BBS on the back fringe, something the Gillette Fusion never did. The Rockwell 6C/S is a nice razor, but is not quite as efficient for me for head shaving.
I have been using all the face shavers (DE and SE) I have (a lot); if I could only use one: either a Schick SE maybe the M (adjustable) or a RR Lupo dual comb head.....
The quickest and cheapest: Indian Gillette single edge disposable, you will get 10+ per head.
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