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Special Announcement - The B&B Carnival Is Rolling Into Town

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Will there be carnies?


Hey look it's Bob and Nick!!!! And all this time I thought papasmurf was blue.....:confused:
Will there be a Linux Mint booth...THAT would be cool...marked by a bunch of floating penguins, a giant Wheel of Cheese and free samples of Green Aquavelva...

Looking forward to it.

And hopefully, someone will say: "NIAGARA FALLS...."
I am there, as long as there is that game that you have to shoot the star out of the paper with the BB gun or the one where you put the rubber chickens on the catapult and hit it with a hammer.


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
Mrs. Ouch has volunteered for the dunk tank.

She doesn't know yet, but she volunteered.
Quite the creative way to get rid of that Lavendula that has been hanging around:biggrin:

Also noticed that you waited till Richie and Rich Gem were away on vacations...boy are they gonna be mad

...more for the rest of us though:)
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