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Special Announcement - The B&B Carnival Is Rolling Into Town

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Oh yeah, Carnival!!


So keep your eyes and ears open for the formal announcement of the arrival of the B&B Carnival ...


Will the announcements also be posted in this section of the site?


(P.S. That young lady appears to have followed a lot of the advice on this forum. BBS!)
Personally, I think this would be the one carnival I'd be looking for razor blades in the apples, hoping they were Feathers for the taking. "Hmm...Why did my blades come with an apple? Silly apple."
Cafe du Monde's supply of Bingets is rather low. However, they are noted for their Beignets. (I have their mix at home, but there's nothing like a fresh Beignet at the Cafe du Monde with a cup of their coffee.)
And you can order Beignet mix online from them.:smile:

That's just the New York interpretation of the French spelling. You got my point, oui? Anyway, I do love the chicory in the coffee as well, but can't bear to go back to NOLA after Katrina (all of my family from there has been displaced; three homes lost). Thanks for the tip on the online ordering though.
Yeah, could there be a few "name out of a hat" type competitions, you know, for those of us who are sans talent?

People with talent and skill always get everything! :mad:

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