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Final Words on the B&B Carnival


"Got Shoes?"
The B&B Carnival officially concluded last night with the announcement of the three lucky Grand Prize winners. This announcement brought to a close the month-long celebration commemorating B&B's three-year anniversary and its membership reaching 10,000 members. (I had to give back the air-horn. :rolleyes:)

At first, the concept started out as something that would be a single contest for the members. It was quickly realized that the timing of this idea would coincide with B&B reaching its 3rd year anniversary and could also coincide with B&B reaching its 10,000th member so it was decided that the size of the event should mirror the magnitude of the occasion.

It was decided that rather than a single-event contest, that we would present a carnival-like atmosphere that would last for several weeks and hopefully provide some fun and entertainment for everyone. It was decided to offer up giveaways, raffles, trivia contests, photo/video contests and contests that required some thought and some effort.

This Carnival took weeks of planning. It involved contacting all the vendors you see below who provided such wonderful prizes and gifts for our members. We devised contests & giveaways, voting polls, release times to run contests at different hours to accomodate the different user times of members, insuring fairness among all the participants, prize and winner spread sheets, more check lists, constant communication with vendors, logo lists, telephone calls... The list is seemingly endless.

THE RESULT: A total prize package totaling more than several thousands of dollars worth of wet-shaving products that was given away to over 30 prize recipients in five countries.

This was done for one reason and one reason only. B&B is that special to us. And we would hope that it is a special place for each and every one of you as well.

Now that the Carnival is concluded (with the exception of Contest # 10), we would be remiss if we did not extend our gratitude and thanks to the various vendors and manufacturers who not only provided such exceptional gifts but also extended their warmest congratulatory sentiments to B&B and for taking the time to recognize our achievements. For that, we are grateful.

Thanks go out to:

Baxter of California (JP Mastey)
Cambridge Chemists (Scott Policar)
Castle Forbes (Andrew French)
ClassicShaving (Will Lubrano)
Georgetown Pottery (Jeff, Jess & Lori)
Honeybee Soaps (Sue)
MensEssentials (James)
Mer (Eric)
NancyBoy (Eric Roos)
Saint Charles Shave (Sue)
ShavingEssentials (John)
Smallflower (Dave)
Superlather (Mark)
Toronto Barber & Beauty Supply (David)
Truefitt & Hill (Brittany Jansen)
VintageBladesLLC (Jim Ayars)
West Coast Shaving (John)

Joel, Nick and The Mods contributed the B&B Essential Brush and the B&B 2008 Limited Edition Brush which will go to the lucky winner of Contest # 10, when it is announced.

Thanks for making the B&B Carnival a great success!

The Official List of Prize Recipients

1. greenerock - Royall All-Purpose Lotion (ClassicShaving)
2. Duckster - Royall All-Purpose Lotion (ClassicShaving)
3. Swat - 1805 Package (Truefitt & Hill)
4. Moufflon (tie) - Honeybee Soap Package
5. King Kailua (tie) - Honeybee Soap Package
6. Ironman06 - GFT Bay Rum Cologne (Cambridge Chemist)
7. Pastafarian (tie) - Blade Sampler Pak (West Coast Shaving)
8. Retrogrouch (tie) - Blade Sampler Pak (West Coast Shaving)
9. endcycle - Royall All-Purpose Lotion (ClassicShaving)
10. Oldhope - Royall All-Purpose Lotion (ClassicShaving)
11. Duckster - Nancy Boy Package
12. Gruder - Bathroom Makeover Package (Georgetown Pottery)
13. Sabledog - Nancy Boy Package
14. kongjie - European Shave Product Set (Smallflower)
15. rusirius - Mergress & Mer-Tech (Mer)
16. drandall - B&B Essential Brush (The Mods)
17. NANP - Nancy Boy Package
18. Milton - Superlather Package
19. Groundhog - SCS Package
20. Milton - SCS Package
21. jmacpix - Booster Package & Mystery Gift (TBBS)
22. Bacchus - Booster Package (TBBS)
23. Alacrity59 - Booster Package (TBBS)
24. Castlecraver - Travel Kit (Baxter of California)
25. Shane - Taos 4 Elements gift set (MensEssentials)
26. Svirre - ShavingEssentials Gift Certificate & Nancy Boy Package
27. murchmb - Nancy Boy Package
28. Milton - Nancy Boy Signature Shaving Suite Grand Prize
29. motomike - Castle Forbes Grand Prize
30. JHoward - ClassicShaving Grand Prize
31. Ookla The Mok - VintageBladesLLC Grand Prize
32. castlecraver - B&B 2008 Limited Edition Brush

Congratulations to all of you.
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Nice summary Bob. Yes, this was a truly grand event - hard to beleeive it's over (ahem, except for contest 10 - get writing!).
This was done for one reason and one reason only. B&B is that special to us. And we would hope that it is a special place for each and every one of you as well.

Well said. You guys did an incredible job with this, and the generosity and participation you were able to garner from the vendors is nothing short of unbelievable.

Well done gents. I truly hope the mods feel that the participation made it worth all the effort. This was definitely a lot of fun for us members.

thank you to everyone who made this possible as well as all who make this site such an incredible place to hang out:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Thanks to the hard working moderators who contributed time and effort on this endeavor. Thanks to our wonderful members for making this place great.

Well done boys.
This was probably the coolest the thing I've ever been a participant in online.

Okay, more than probably. Definitely.

Thanks for the wonderful prize, and the weeks of fun. I'm still awed by it all.

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