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SOTD - “Supporting Vendor Week - “Colonel Conk” May 9th to, 2022 to May 15th, 2022

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Face wash with Cera Ve Hydrating Facial Cleaner
Ethos Unscented
Frank Shaving Syn
Captain’s Choice Copper
Henson AL 13 Medium
Thayers WH & PAA Mysterium Serum
TOBS Sandalwood
Trying the Henson AL 13 with a RK blade for its second shave. Another good shave. This is the 65th shave with the Ethos unscented soap. A nice, easy BBS early morning shave. It is going to be a warm one today in AZ. The expected high: 106! Have a good one, folks.


The Baron of Bokeh
Spicy Sunday

DSC_5030 copy.png

Karve CB Gladius OC “C” / Gillette‌ 7 O'clock SharpEdge Yellow
AP Shave Co. 24mm Mixed Badger/Boar Summer Handle
B&M ‌Reserve‌ ‌Spice‌ ‌Shaving‌ ‌Soap‌ & Aftershave
Shulton Old‌ ‌Spice‌ ‌Cologne‌ ‌Original‌​

Razor: Schick B2 Repeating Razor
Blade: Personna Injector
Brush: Rudy Vey 2022 B & B Contributor Brush
Pre-Shave: Proraso White
Lather: Caswell-Massey Newport
Aftershave: Pinaud Clubman
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Imperial Leather Talcum Powder


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Modern May Challenge

Tonight’s shave
RazoRock BBS
Permasharp Super (6)
Damp washcloth aka “shave binky”
Ω 10048 28mm boar brush
Pre-shave: no
Lather: Col Conk Unscented, face-lathered
Aftershave: Ulm Nom
Post-shave: hot shower
Post-shave: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

The last day celebrating @Colonel Conk products in the SOTD theme bearing their name, but not the last day enjoying the use of their soap.

Placed my Ω 10048 piggy brush bristles down in a coffee cup of cold water several hours before shaving and experienced both the softness felt with the Whipped Dog piggy brush in previous shaves. Also had two shaves in a row where no prep was no problem. I suspect ambient humidity over well-soaked piggy brushes, but good is good.

WTG, XTG, and ATG and I was close enough for the win! Aftershave said I was too close, but that’s okay. Will see if showering before shaving makes these results even better.
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