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🐱 🐶 🦡 🐴 🐷 🐅 🦑 🐠 🐍 🦇 🐊 SOTD “Animal Week” August 14th - 20th, 2023 🐱 🐶 🦡 🐴 🐷 🐅 🦑 🐠 🐍 🦇 🐊

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Hello again fellow B&Bers!

This SOTD Weekly Theme is all about ANIMALS and there are LOTS of ways to participate!

Show us your shaving gear named after animals... Wolfman or Blackbird razors, Tiger Blades, Wolf Whiskers Brushes, Lucky Tiger aftershave, Noble Otter and Mammoth Soaps, Zoologist Fragrances and so on… you get the idea! How about shaving items that have a PICTURE of an animal on the packaging like Minora blades (lion) and Nacet (alligator or crocodile or whatever the hell it is 🤪)?

Shave photos that include your pets are also acceptable as are non-shave related pics of animals that you want to share with your B&B brethren!

Nothing animal themed? Show us and tell us all about your shaving setup for the day anyways.

As always, the weekly themes are just a suggestion, but being creative and having fun IS mandatory. We encourage you to post or share photos of your Shave Gear of the Day regardless of the theme.

Let’s see some Animal Themed SOTD images!

Menthol Monday SOTD

Razor: Hiram Commander
Blade: Feather Pro (D1)
Brush: Zenith 506U Manchurian 26mm
Bowl: The Distinctive Goat Style 10 5½” Walnut/Cherry
Pre-Shave Scrub: PAA Ice Cube 2
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Shave Soap: Beaver WoodWright Shiver Me Timber's
Balm: Myrsol Emulsion
Aftershave: Nancy Boy Cooling AS
High Efficiency August 2023

Razor: Lambda Ares
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Light Brigades (2)
Brush: B and B Contributors Brush 2023
Preshave: PAA the Cube
Soap: Saponificio Varesino Desert Vetiver
Aftershave: Saponificio Varesino Desert Vetiver After Shave

(If this is too long for your reading you can skip of course or even if it was shorter you can always skip, this is just my thoughts after a shave :001_smile)

The Lambda Ares, again another great shave, love this razor, its just great. I don't have much else to add except it just gives me a great shave ever time I have used it thus far.

The Wilkinson Sword Light Brigades again used again for a second time, very nice, smooth, sharp blade, goes really well with this razor, very enjoyable.

The B and B Contributors brush 2023 nothing new to say there, same with the PAA the Cube.

The new thing for me here was the Saponificio Varesino Desert Vetiver soap and aftershave. The soap, yea, its a terrific soap, terrific to lather with, great glide, great postshave feel, great small (at least for me with this fragrance). It was pretty easy to make a lather out of this for me, I did a face lather, did not use a bowl at all, took a touch of time as its a new soap and next time should be dialed in from the get go. I did bloom with a teaspoon of water for a few minutes, use a lightly damp brush, loaded my brush with soap and yea took a bit of time to get going but had plenty of lather to use. The lather itself was great, really impressed, a great performer.

The aftershave, first time I used an aftershave with alcohol plus moisturizer, I normally use one alcohol based aftershave and one aftershave balm so this was different. I was surprised the aftershave had some alcohol kick ie stinging to it but it did, which was a good thing for me.

My 1st pass WTG, 2nd pass WTG/XTG with touch ups, 3rd pass ATG leaving me a very nice DFS+/BBS with no cuts, nicks, weepers or irritation or I should say very little to the point where I call it zero.

Another thing I have not done in almost 1 year is use an Alum Block after my shave, which I did, had very little feedback and no irritation to my skin so I was happy with that. Overall terrific shave, very happy.

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Lambda Athena Razor
Bic Chrome Platinum blade
Wald Luster 2.0 Nimbus brush
Van Yulay Aphrodite soap and aftershave

The Athena razor was quite aggressive with this Bic Platinum blade. The Bic blade has been mentioned to be as sharp as Feather blades and it appears to be the case. ATG above and under my lip left those areas with weepers. The only time I get weepers in those areas are with a Feather blade or when using the Blackbird. This is a well designed razor and a joy to use.

The Wald brush may have just become my favorite shaving brush. Super soft yet it has the right amount of backbone when wet. The hype was real.

The soap from Van Yulay was creamy, slick, and provided good cushioning.
Pre-shave: LaRoche Posay Lipikar Wash AP+ /Cremo Coconut-Mango Shave Cream
Razor: Gillette Flare Tip Rocket
Blade: Sharp Hi Chromium
Brush: DS Cosmetic Ken Surfs 2020 Limited Edition 2-band
Soap: TOBS Lavender
Aftershave: Alum/ Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel /Nancy Boy Replenishing After-Shave Gel
Balm: Anthony All-Purpose Facial Moisturizer
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