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Sons of "Odds and Ends" PIF

Some time ago I won a very generous PIF offered by @MilkCrate called "Odds and Ends". At that time I promised to send along any items that wouldn't see regular use in my routine. Well, it's taken me months to get through all the items he sent, but it's now time to send these goodies on their merry way. I've kept a few things (I discovered I love Arko) and I've added a few new and used things to round it all out. As a result, I have two boxes to offer, the "Sons of Odds and Ends", as it were.

Each box contains:
  • a few shaving soaps, new or used
  • a couple of soap samples, new or used
  • a Gem razor and some blades
  • a Weishi TTO
  • a limited DE blade sampler
  • a couple of aftershave splashes
  • a couple of after shave balms
All hardware has been sterilized in barbicide.

  1. Entries accepted until 11:59pm Pacific Time on October 6, 2018
  2. Entries must:
    1. include the words "I'm in", and
    2. provide one interesting fact about yourself.
  3. I'll automatically assign your entry to either Box 1 or Box 2 based on the order posted.
  4. I'll assign your lucky number based on the order of your post and the box to which you were assigned.
  5. I'll pick two winners on Sunday, October 7 based on lucky numbers pulled from Random.Org.
The winners are highly encouraged to subsequently PIF anything they win but will not use with any regularity.


Here I am, 1st again.
That looks like a good PIF, @RumpleBearskin .

But I'm not in, 'cause I can't think of something interesting about my self.

I might be back later to give an interesting fact.

I’m in!
Interesting fact: I once broke both my wrists at the same time running into a wall in gym class.

EB Newfarm

Cane? I'm Able!
I'll be in! Semi-interesting fact: I cannot decide if I am more obsessed with fly-fishing or straight razor and DE shaving.
I'm in
Interesting fact: I once served at a convention as a body guard for a US Presidential candidate.
Awesome tidbits one and all. Keep them coming ...

And @Billski, the fact that you can't think of anything interesting about yourself may actually qualify as something interesting about yourself ... You're in if you want in.
This is the very definition of "Pay It Forward". Well done!

Respectfully not in, as I've got my own PIF going - I'm trying to thin out, not pork up!
Semi-interesting: Once sat on a barstool and chatted with G. Mennnen "Soapy" Williams. And once upon a time I parried with the UM Fencing Club. Drat! "Foiled again!"

Not in.
Looks like fun, thanks for keeping the Odds & Ends pif going. Not knowing what soaps or AS is included, I'll play along!

I'm in!

I once tended bar for a night for the Rolling Stones.
Im in.

I’ve owned six vehicles in my short time on earth. Besides the one I have now, all others have been destroyed before I could pay them off.
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