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GIVEAWAY! Soap, Cream, & misc. PIF (Pay It Forward), Part III

I've got this great stuff looking for a new loving home. I'm excited to be culling my shave den supplies and am further excited to be enriching somebody else!

Here's who qualifies:

1) Please no millionaires or folks who consider themselves "high income" (you can (and probably should) easily buy this sort of thing yourself!).
2) CONUS only, please.
3) If you win and there's stuff here that you don't want, please consider just PIF-ing it yourself (perhaps along with some of your own excess stuff).

Here's how it works:
- Just say, "I'm in!" I'll pick one person and message you to get mailing information.
- Deadline to get in on this is one week from today: 13 March 2023.

Here's what we've got here:
- Mike's Natural Soaps ROSE, PATCHOULI, CEDARWOOD. Mike's Natural Soaps are currently one of the "Top 12" of best shaving soaps by Sharpologist.com. This has had about four shaves worth scooped out of it. I like the soap, but the (mostly Rose, to me) scent doesn't do much for me.
- Geo. F. Trumper's Sandalwood Soft Shaving Cream. Geo. F. Trumper's creams are currently one of the best shaving creams according to Sharpologist.com. This has had about four shaves worth scooped out of it. I like this product, but decided that I prefer using shaving sticks (or stickified soaps) to using creams.
- Arko Shaving Stick. This is an unopened container of this well-known traditional product. I like it. An incredible value. For me, using soaps in stick-form is my preferred means of application. I'm just including it because I have a bunch of them.
- Four 5-blade containers of Astra Superior Platinum Double-Edge Razor Blades (not shown in photo). These are very popular high-quality blades. I thought I'd throw these in because I have lots of them.

Good luck, everybody!

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