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Favorite citrus creams?

Vi-John Tropical Lime
Musgo Real Spiced Citrus
Antica Barberia Original Citrus
Dettol Fresh & Cool
TOBS Lemon & Lime
TOBS Lime Zest
Old Spice Fresh Lime
Gillette Classic Lemon Lime
Art of Shaving Lemon Essential
Godrej Lime Fresh
Piccadiily Shave Co. Lime
Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime
St James of London Black Pepper & Lime
Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes
Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate
Castle Forbes Lime
Truefitt & Hill West India Lime
There are more, but this is off the top of my head😁
Are these pucks or croaps? Not interested in canned soap. In your list you have Gillette Lemon Lime, I believe it is a canned soap. I'm really looking for a Lemon scent not Lemon & Lime. Thanks for your input.
I wouldn't mine a good croap. Could you name one that is good.?
I'd say Ariana & Evans Limoncella, and Stirling makes a couple of lemons. Shannon's has Lemon Prosecco, which is not a hard soap, but very soft and easy to lather. One of those should make you happy.
Sir Doc Dan, indeed, Trumper's GFT is outstanding!!
Also one of my fav citrus shave items!

trumper gft kent schulze may 31 2017.jpg
Taylor’s make some lovely ones.
Eton college, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime all have beautiful scents and are great creams.
I once bought a tub of Sicilian Lime by a company called Menrock which was beautifully pleasant to my senses.
Blenheim palace by Penhaligon’s is lovely too do they still make it?
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