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GIVEAWAY! Soap, Cream, & misc. PIF (Pay It Forward), Part III

Thank you so much, Eric! I really appreciate it! It could not have come at a better time. Been a rough few weeks - just recently lost my Dad so some good news is more than welcome! Thank You Again for being Awesome/Generous!

I received everything today. It was well packaged! Tried the Trumper Sandalwood. Before I give my feedback I wanted to say that I dont have that much experience with different soaps/creams - just Proraso Red and Green and have about 15 samples of TOBS. My favorite is TOBS Sandalwood. I think the Proraso red is good but a lil too strong smelling for me and the wife agrees.

The Geo Trumper Sandalwood seems to smell even milder than the TOBS but lathers about the same. I will need more time with it for sure. I’ve been sick with what seems like a cold so my sense of smell is a lil off.

Todays shave was with a Lupo .95, Simpson T3 brush, Trumper sandalwood and a 3rd use Astra SP.
End result was BBS on face and DFS on neck/chin.

Thanks again Eric for this Awesome PIF and for how well you packed it. You are truly awesome sir!!

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