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Favorite citrus creams?

Lider Cream

I used the lemon soap today and it was nice, but I had a hard time getting a good lather. I'm going to try the "Marco Method" next time. That always works.
Keeping in mind that I use a synthetic brush, I saturate my brush. I sometimes put some water on top of my croap when I first get it and let it sit while I shower. Anyway, I shake my brush 3 times, not too hard, but just enough to get out excess water. Then, with A&E I pour out any water on the soap, if I did that, and start loading. I'm not gentle about it. After 20 seconds or less, I move to a my hand or face, or a bowl, depending. I build the lather. I like to build it on my face because a bowl can be deceiving.


I shaved a fortune
If you are in the UK, Executive Shaving Company has their own brand that includes "Citrus Kiss" cream. Before my face decided it could no longer tolerate scented soaps, croaps or creams, I enjoyed it a lot.

If you buy enough of their stuff, it reduces the shipping costs per item to the States. I use several of their products... and still love the Claymore Evolution AC razor I bought from Brian Mulreany... I still miss that guy. I hope he is enjoying his retirement.
I would not have expected to see Trumper's GFT listed here. While it is one of my EdTs of choice (it's rare enough to be unique wherever I go), I wouldn't classify the scent as 'citrus'. Its top notes are that, yes; but not its heart notes, which are tarragon, lavender, and cypress. My wife adores the fragrance too, but I'm wearing it for myself, you understand 😄.

Also, Trumper creams are not as good as some of the other brands.

My recommendation would be Cyril R. Salter's 'Sublime Citrus'. The cream is an outstanding performer; and the scent is to die for. It's like having a summer citrus sherbet on your face. Overall you get excellent value for money. Time to stock up, I think, lest some bean counter decides to count beans and deems the product 'incompatible with the company's core values' or some other corporate jargon.
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