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Smoke scent suggestion?

Walking last night and smelling nice fire place smoke coming out of chimneys made me think of asking what soap would you recommend that would be close to this scent?
Thanks to all and take care.
I've been using Meißner strong n Scottish soap for the past week. Nice Smokey scent , superb lather and performance tops. A small puck, but even with hard water and A chubby 3 brush, this will last for ever!
Skin is fantastic. Usually scented soaps reddens my skin but not with any Meißner I have tried.
Stirling's Texas on Fire is a great smoky cedar scent. The other one that I tried in the sample passaround box was one by Razormaster out of Finland called Tovio. It was very a smoky pine tar scent. Both are quite strong smoke scents that I happen to like quite a lot.
I love bacon, smoked cheese & have my own smoker, complete with a mesquite tree out front that grows faster than I can burn it.
I've spent enough time outdoors that, the last thing I want to smell like is campfire smoke ...
If you like a nice smoky scent, try Grandpas Pine Tar Soap. You can get it at a lot of different retail places or order it online. Even right in the box, give it a sniff...you will KNOW it is made from wood smoke! haha