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skin bracer

I picked up a bottle of this stuff at my local cvs and have not used it yet. What does everyone who has used this think of this aftershave? I smelled it and it kinda smells like pinaud clubman aftershave lotion to me. What do you guys think of skin bracer's scent? Also, this may be a stupid question, but what is the correct way to apply an aftershave splash? Do you apply the aftershave on a dry or wet face? Does it matter? what do you personally do, splash on a wet or dry face/neck?
I've been using this for decades...long before I joined B&B and learned about (and bought quite a few of...) the overwhelming number of aftershaves out there. It's a classic, and it's still in my collection, and always will be. I use it more in the warmer seasons, since it's mentholated. I don't believe it smells anything like Clubman. But everyone's sense of smell is unique (and variable!).

After my shave, I rinse with warm water, then cold water, pat my face dry with a towel, then apply my aftershave splash. There might be some dampness on my face, but sometimes I might be delayed getting to the splash, and my face is dry...doesn't make a difference IMHO. I would not apply it to a wet face, though...

My US$0.02...
One of my favorites! It dose have a bit of a powdery note, maybe that is what you get as Clubman. To me it smells like Speed Stick and sugar cookies. I know that sounds strange, but it smells clean and sweet, without being too flowery. I also love the menthol.
I like the smell of Skin Bracer, but it does not remind me of Clubman. Kind of reminds me of 'Lectric Shave preshave lotion. I apply AS splash after drying my face.
I can't place the scent but, its very nice IMO. I put it on after my shave on my dry face. The Menthol is not over powering like Barbasol Brisk.
Maybe I'm weird but I smell a little star anise in it. Whatever it is, it's a very clean and classic scent. Whenever I wear it, I feel like I smell like a dad.
After I rinse my face off, I splash on some witch hazel. I let that dry/absorb while I clean my razor and brush and put them away.
Then I splash on my AS.

I like Skin Bracer. To me, it is a nice clean/fresh scent with a nice bit of glycerin and menthol in it. On warmer days, I like to mix in a few drops of Osage Rub to really kick up the menthol factor. I find myself reaching for it more in the warmer months of the year.
My wife tells me it just smells "powdery" on me when it dries down. She tells me I smell old-fashioned, but she doesn't seem to dislike it.
Unless you over-apply, this is a nice aftershave that's not overpowering once it has dried down a bit.
I don't necessarily get the comparison to Clubman, aside from the powder note, but they aren't similar to me.
Nothing like Clubman to my nose. But its good stuff. I prefer Aqua Velva over Skin Bracer though. But you really cant go wrong with it.
Skin Bracer was my first AS, and still holds its place near the top of my rotation, especially when using a barbershop scented soap. I really like the balance of alcohol to menthol in SB, making it sting a bit and then cool all over. I apply it over my face when dry, but I guess you could do it over a wet face as well (It might dilute all the good stuff though). Please let us know what you think after you give it a try!
The scent is sweet. It's vanilla to my nose but more powdery. The menthol is nice. One of my gotos for the warmer months.
My 1st A/S in the 50's. Still in my rotation. I shave, cold rinse, dry and apply. Love the Menthol. Nothing like Clubman I90A13CEC-536D-4B90-BE0B-C3A05B709CBB_zpsxnix1ffr.jpg MHO
Bit late to the party, but I just tried this for the first time. Smells and feels great!

Will be perfect for warm days. I wish it was in a glass bottle, as others have said.
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