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Shaving Everyday

I normally shave M-F and give myself a break on the weekends. I do occasionally shave on weekends as well. I guess it's hard to say. It's probably more accurate to say that I typically shave 5-6 times per week and if I do get a break it is on the weekend.
Before I started wetshaving I would go about 3-4 days without shaving. Basically as long as I could get away with and then some.

But now since I started wetshaving I shave every day because I love it and I am addicted to BBS. If I'm not BBS it bugs me. The only days I don't shave are if I have a day off and I am out and about all day and come back really late and am too tired to shave (I don't always shave first thing in the morning).
I now shave everyday. I used to take off weekends when I hated shaving, but now Saturday and Sunday shaves have become my favorites. They are the most relaxed, luxurious shaves, because I am not rushing off to the office.

Every day. That was my norm even before going "old-fashioned". I've never tolerated having a bristly face and can't imagine growing a beard....it would drive me nuts!
Everyday, with a rare day off here and there. I enjoy the art of the shave, and look forward to it every day. On days where it's not needed, I only do one or two N-S passes and leave it at that. On work days, I'll go for the full BBS.
Usually six times / week. If I have no reason to look presentable on the weekend might skip both Sat & Sun (but still usually will shave one of those days since I enjoy it). Likewise if I need to look very presentable on both then I'll shave Sat & Sun. Also, the day after a skipped shave tends to yield excellent results (today for example).

Before my wetshaving days I would skip any day that was possible (but still mostly had to shave 5X / week. It was an annoying and uncomfortable chore.
I shave every day. Usually in the morning, but I might do it the night before if I know that I'm going to be pressed for time. On the weekend, I either do it while everybody else is still sleeping or before we go out somewhere in the evening.
I used to shave once every couple of weeks, then I started using a straight and shaved every day for a couple months, generally now I shave every other day.
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