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Ok, if you have been following the Lambda Athena and Ares threads, you know that I am a huge fan of both razors and the Lambda company. But now I am really ticked off with them.
I started wet shaving with DE razors about a year ago and went through many configurations of razors and blades. Finally, I found Lambda and it was Love at First Pass. I enjoyed shaving so much that I decided I wanted to shave every day. Well, that hope was dashed by these darn Lambda razors. I shaved the previous day with either the Ares or the Athena. The following morning I get up and get ready for the shave. I feel my face, with the grain, across the grain and against the grain. NOTHING, NOT A HINT OF STUBBLE. The darn Lambda took all of it off the prior day so efficiently and smoothly that there was NOTHING LEFT TO SHAVE the next day. How am I to shave every day with these kinds of results? I am fed up. I am going to talk to Theo and tell him that his razors are just too good. He needs to take them down a level so that I don't get as fantastic a shave every time I use them. I am really pissed off. I guess I will have to stick with every other day shaving. Darn that Theo at Lambda. He took all the fun out of my dreams of daily shaving.
OK EVERYONE! all this was sarcasm.
No?! Really?! 😱

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I will be honest. I have a lot of razors now and am not adverse to adding more but the Ares and Athena seem like home. They have become my most reached for razors in my collection. It's just the way it is.
If I want a no fuss clean shave I then the Lambda razors are a no brainer for me.

Are there other great razors sure but there is something great about these razors that resonate with me well and keeps me coming back.

I think you are right. Sometimes I am still impressed by the results even though it is consistently great.
Or you could do a variant on my childhood. When I was pre-school age, my grandfather gave me his old Gillette twist to open. I wish i still had that razor, but it is long lost in the mists of life. Anyway, I would go in the bathroom when my Dad shaved with his Gillette, and he would lather my face with the Palmolive lather on his brush. I would mimic him shaving, cleaning the lather off with my razor, sans blade at the same time he shaved at the sink. It is a great memory. So, you could use your Lambda every other day without a blade and enjoy the ride like I did as a kid.
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