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Shaving Everyday

For the most part, I shave daily. Exceptions would be the odd day here and there when I'm just working around the house on yardwork or in the northwoods fishing and such. I enjoy shaving, now that I've discovered wetshaving, so I tend to do so regularly.
Every day...sigh. At home I like to give myself the weekends off unless there's a particularly good weekend event I want to look spiffy for.
Me too really, maybe 6 days a week but it drives me nuts if i dont and like you all say, i enjoy it so much im always looking forward to the next shave.
I tend to shave every day, sometimes twice if I have a important function to go to in the evening. I might take a day off in a year if I am lucky.
I used to take weekends off with an electric, but I look forward to every shave now.
M-W-F, and take the weekends off, ocassionaly i can break this routine for special ocasions. But here (Dominican Republic) it's kind of trendy youse some kind of a 5 O'clock shadow, specially in the drinking happy hours.
I shave every day. When I start college next year, I might go to every other day if I cannot find the time. Right now the only days I take off are if I have an irritated face and want it to heal.
I didn't shave for 38 years, so my wife never got used to stubble. Now I shave every day (and I went to DE since she thought the results from an electric were too scratchy), since she does not like the results when I don't.
Just took 5 days off. It will be interesting to see what that Feather and my Gillette Super Adjustable can do tomorrow morning...

But my usual is Monday - Friday shave

Saturday/Sunday off.
Back when I shaved because I had to, it was every couple or three days, now that I shave because I want to, it's every day. Heck, sometimes if I had to work early that day, late in the evening I am tempted to shave again for bed, but then think about what time I will be shaving the next day and usually talk myself out of the idea.
When I was in the military, it was (of course) every day. After I got out, it was about every other day. That progressed to a point that I was shaving about once a week. Now that I have gone this route, I have started shaving every day to every other day. Since I keep buying new stuff, I have to try it out right? :biggrin:
Tuesday to Friday is a morning shave about 25 minutes, nothing on Saturday then I go nuts on Sunday evening. Two days growth, nice hot shower, new blade and many passes for the best shave of the week and it can take 45 to 60 minutes.

So in a year I'll spend about 5½ days shaving my face 260 times :biggrin: at that rate I have enough product to last me for....

200 years maybe.

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