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Shaving Everyday

I rarely shave on consecutive days. However, I recently have while participating in the Tabac shave stick pass, and even twice a day. My face is holding up really well (surprisingly), and I am really enjoying it!
Ideally I would like to shave everyday and for the most part do.
Although I try to everyday I sometimes miss a day here & there cause I might get too busy or lazy to shave. Mostly its a case of the latter.
I think its good to repair your mug once in awhile and give it a short break from a shave.
But, I also I find when I dont shave I feel guilty cause I have a heavy investment in this hobby & quite honestly I cant afford not to use my soaps or creams everyday. :001_smile
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Before discovering the joys of real shaving, I had less than zero problem with not shaving for very long periods of time (several months to a year between shaves). But once wet shaving took hold, I gradually began shaving more and more often. Now I shave daily as I really and truly enjoy the process (not to mention SWMBO prefers that I don't look like Karl Marx or BoBo the homeless guy). Honestly I can't remember my last day off and a good shave has indeed become an indispensable part of my daily routine.
I shave every day (and look forward to it immensely). But sometimes I go a week or two without shaving if I have nothing important and want to be all disheveled. :biggrin:
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Black Adder

I couldn't when I was using the Mach III or Fusion.

Now, it's daily. I just don't feel right if I don't. I was visiting a friend for an overnight stay, but I didn't bring any shaving gear. I figured, "it's just a day." Well, I kept touching my stubble, which really wasn't that bad, and said, "Mike... I should have brought the razor. I feel unclean. I'm turning into an effete dandy."

He looked at me and said, "You are.":001_rolle

This is an old drag queen trick--go a day or two without shaving and your next shave can get closer. Only way I ever get bbs.
+1 on waiting a day or two between shaves. I don't have any drag queen experience, but it does seem to make the shaves smoother and closer.
Everyday, I've tried every second day, but it gets scratchy and my skin doesn't like it that much. The way I see it is that I can get away with 2 passes on a daily bases but I'd have to do 3 every second day. It seems to make more sense shaving every day for me.
Before I started wetshaving I would go about 3-4 days without shaving. Basically as long as I could get away with and then some.

But now since I started wetshaving I shave every day because I love it and I am addicted to BBS. If I'm not BBS it bugs me. The only days I don't shave are if I have a day off and I am out and about all day and come back really late and am too tired to shave (I don't always shave first thing in the morning).
Couldn't have said it better myself!
Every day!

My favorite daily routine is: go for a run, take a hot shower, then have a nice shave. I look forward to this 1-2 hours of my day more than any other part!! :w00t:
Every day except for occasionally I take a Saturday off. I call it "the day of facial rest." But I work almost every other Saturday, so I generally shave 13 days in a row and then skip a day, then shave 13 days in a row and then skin another day.

Today I shaved even though it was a holiday, just because I felt like it. I enjoyed it immensely.
I couldn't shave everyday with cartridges but I have been shaving everyday for the last month. Mostly cause it just so cool to enjoy the shave in the morning.
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