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  • LFC? what is that? I use this username in all forums that I frequent, so I'm not sure...let me know...
    I will take the Gold Aristocat off your hands! Looks in great condition. Shall I juts pay as usual via paypal.
    Cheers Mate
    Hi Nick,

    what did you think of the swedes i sent ya?

    I tried some of the blades you sent me. I'm new to this and am not noticing major differences.

    The derbys seem to be great all rounders
    the feathers i have not used - too scared
    the iridium supers felt nice and forgiving but i did get some weird (tiny) red circles (not bumps) on my face. i put this down to the cream/oil etc. They can only be seen up close.

    gilette 7 o clocks - not tried them yet
    thanks again for sending me them
    Razor arrived this morning and just used it for the 1st time, an absolute beauty, realy appreciate it!
    Hi mate, just wanted to check that you got the payment for the Gillette super adjustable ok through paypal. Look forward to getting my hands on it, can't wait to give it a try based on the reviews I have read.
    Hi Just to confirm I would love to buy both of the razors you have available, just let me know how to contact you.
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