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Shave every day?

New to wetshaving - I'm waiting for my new razor to arrive in the mail. I've never ever been able to shave every day because of intense irritation, redness, etc. My beard grows fast enough to shave every day, easily. My question: I've noticed that so far with wetshaving, it's not a very close shave. I haven't tried to shave "up" against the direction of growth which is the only way to get smooth. Is this recommended with wet shaving?
You will need to give your skin a chance to adjust to the razor. I would shave north to south for a week or two before attempting to shave against the grain. Good luck.

What have you used previously for shaving?

In wet shaving you can go against the grain if your face will allow you to. I go against the grain in certain places on my face and across the grain on others. I make these motions only as a second pass after I go with the grain on the first pass. My suggestion is to start out going with the grain only and gauge your skin's reaction. See if irritation ensues. If not then you can try going across the grain on some spots and from there experiment with more spots until eventually you'll find out if you can go against the grain. What ever you use to wet shave (straight or DE) use a light touch. DO NOT bear down on the blade. Hope that helps.


You can do it, just go slowly and use a light hand at first.

My "across the grain" pass is actually the best one for reducing the stubble, but w/o the against the grain pass I culd not get nearly as smooth a shave.
I have been wetshaving with DE for a couple of weeks now, every few days (long enough for the beard to get somewhat soft instead of sandpaper-like)
I have a very very old Schick razor, but I'm getting a new Merkur heavy duty soon. And I'm using the Palmolive cream. Is there a better cream out there that softens the beard more than the one I have?
Do you wash your face prior to shaving? That's a big step in improving the shave and reducing irritation. I'm not so sure anything will soften your beard any better than Palmolive. Some guys actually wash their face then put conditioner on it to soften the whiskers. I don't know if that works but you could always give it a try.

Also, since you suffer from some irritation now I recommend that when you wash your face that you don't scrub it, just wash lightly making sure to lightly soap up all of your shaving area. This removes the oil jacket but does not promote irritation of the skin.

Experiment with different creams and shaving soaps see what works best for you.

I don't shave everyday either because of irritation.... and laziness... I'm turning to wetshaving, hoping will not rip my face apart like the mac3...
I shave every day now, since I am using the DE and brush!:smile:

As many have said in other posts, preparation is the key. I put a hot moist washcloth over my face for 30 seconds, then resoak the cloth and do it again, maybe twice more; then leave my face wet and apply the lather.

I make one N-S pass, then reapply lather and make a pass across the grain (maybe ear to nose, depending on growth pattern), and then partially rinse, leaving a film and check with my fingers for any leftover rough spots. THOSE I shave against the grain, so that I don't ever really do a complete against the grain pass.

Then rinse with cold water and apply the Proraso Aftershave Cream. Presto. Clean shave and NO irritation.

But YMMV. Take any of what I have tried and use it if works for you. That's just what I KNOW works for me!:thumbup:
I too used to shave only every other day with my Mach 3 because of irritation (that was mainly a lack of good shaving products and prep -- not the razor) and also lazyness, which was fueled because of the irritation guarantee!

I switched to DE wetshaving a couple of weeks ago and while I shaved the first 2 weeks only every other day, I am now shaving every day since the last week. As long as you keep a very light touch you can get away with shaving daily. As others have posted, make sure to give your skin to adjust to your new razor and make sure you have proper lather + prep.

I currently still have a few "problematic" areas and those are mainly the stubble on my chin and the sides of my neck. I can go against the grain on my chin but even after a 1st with the grain pass and 2nd across the grain over there, the 3rd pass against the grain still does not always provide a nice BBS result. I sometimes have to finish it off with a little touch up but I typically leave it at that to avoid any razor burn or irritation. I figure this is still because of my rather lack of knowledge and good technique.

The sides of my neck are a little harder because my skin is most sensitive over there. This morning I tried stretching my skin a bit and while I thought it felt "weird" initially, it really helped in getting a closer shave over there. Nevertheless I still have to be very careful and still don't go really against the grain there. Just with and then 2 times across.

It's very tempting to try to get BBS shaves and while I am convinced that I would be able to achieve the results I want, I would have to use 5 passes or at least 3 passes with a few good touch ups. However I want to give my face sufficient rest and give myself time to properly learn my own technique.

I think I have mastered the lather creation because with all the samples that I tried from Scotto (Trumpers, T&H and Taylors) and with the Proraso that I have, I can get great lather, although some provide more lubrication and a better slick lather than others, but I don't think that is because of my lather creation techniques.

Anyway, I didn't want to hijack your thread but wanted to say that with time your skin will adjust to your new way of shaving and when you master your technique, you will typically get less irritation (unless this comes from the products you use) after which you will be able to shave every day.

Compared to a couple of months ago, I now don't have any problem in getting up earlier to experience the real "wet shave" in the morning. I get consistently better results every one or two weeks and this just prooves that there's alot to learn.

Wet shaving is an art that all of us have to learn and this takes time. Enjoy the experience and both you and your body will thank you by feeling and looking good! :wink:
I shave 5 nights per week-however, from time to time, it's the entire week.

Normally, on the day after a 3 pass shave, I will only shave doing one pass and this has been sufficient to take care of any stubble that dares to rear it's head!

I've been wetshaving since mid may and I still can't do every day and I still can't get super smooth either.. The bright side is there is no irritation though..
Start with a two pass method, first pass will be with the grain, next across. When you feel confident, bump it up to a three pass.
Take your time. No need to rush greatness. There is a learning curve involved.

Just be sure to post your results here and people will be only too happy to give you feedback.

Also, enjoy the process! Sounds strange at first but you'll find yourself getting into the prep, making lather, etc.

And welcome!
I've been shaving with a DE since May, so that's five months now. Don't rush, I'm still not shaving against the grain.

Lots of good advise given already and I'd like to repeat the following:
1. PREP. Have a shower before. Wash your face. Use a hot face cloth. Whatever. But get those facial hairs wet and warm first.
2. Lather. Its good. Don't rush your shave and repeat your shave where there is no lubrication. If you do, watch the red stuff flow.
3. Light touch. I'd dialled up my Vision over the past few weeks. Blood bath ensued a couple of days ago with a new Merkur blade. I was being very keen to see how smooth my shave could get. I kept the blade and dialled it back to the beginning. No cuts this morning with the gentlest of touches. Also still have a smooth face.
4. Passes. I have three passes -- North to South first, then from ear to nose, finally from nose to ear. It gets close enough without irritation, rash, etc.
5. Neck. This is a really delicate area, I leave my stubble a little longer here (not baby butt smooth but a very fine sandpaper in one direction only.) It'll do.

I've tried shaving against the grain a number of times and I've regretted it every time. Infact the last time was done with an straight edge by a barber in central London two days before my wedding. Felt great that day, good the day after, sore on wedding day, and was pretty red by the end of the party. NEVER AGAIN!!!
I could do the job standing on my head if I wanted to and the results would be the same, all excellent and unbeatable. Still people tell me to go with the grain only.:wacko:
Before DE shaving I would shave all 5 days during the work week and only on Saturday or Sunday for a nice dinner out or for church. Now I shave everyday at least 1 or 2 passesb because it is much more enjoyable and I actually look forward to it. Lastly, I feel the 1 or 2 pass shave looks good enough for any happening work or play!
Before DE shaving I was shaving once a week (MAYBE twice a week if I had some specific reason for it) because of horrible irritation on my neck and chin. Now with the DE shaves (since Dec of last year) I have been shaving every day and LOVING it. I really do look forward to my shaves every day.

Right now I am having a bit of irritation on my neck...not sure if it is due to a lavender sensitivity, a problem with the type of blade (probably too sharp for me), or "drift" in terms of I'm not paying as close attention as I used to and am inadvertently "breaking the rules" by applying too much pressure or bad blade angle, or a combination of all three.

My point is that I KNOW I should be taking a day off now and again but I enjoy it so much I just can't. I do, however, in times like this only do 1 pass WTG on my neck (current trouble spot) or maybe skip a day just on the problem areas. I usually will do 2 passes, 3 if I am "feeling lucky." one WTG and one slightly ATG (except on my neck where the second pass is again WTG). I have babbled on too long, I'm afraid.
When I initially started it was only 5 days a week. Now that my skin is used to it, I hate going a day without shaving.

So yes I shave every single day..
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