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September 2022 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Still in! Same gear as yesterday, except for the brush!

Pre: Proraso White
Soap/AS: MoonSoaps Old School
Razor: WR2 1.15 OC
Blade: Rubie (2)
Brush: Classic 2 Super

Now on to Tabactober and GRUME next month. I am shooting for 2 in a row!

Congrats to all that finished, whether it was the whole month or 29/30!
Still out 😇

Since I was out already, some demon got me and put me in a acquisition frenzy, as you know.
This brilliant and very rare pristine Swedish Swing open comb was one of the targets. Yesterday, I took it out for a shave and I am flabbergasted. So close, so easy to handle. Hard to believe this vintage hasn't been copied by one of the DE razor vendors.

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You are most welcome my friend. And there may be a lot of things we do not have to do but when we do the world is just that little bit brighter. Especially when done for fellow shaving enthousiasts like the B&B posse.

Enjoy your shaves with this excellent blade.

We Dutch have a reputation for being miserly.
I assure you these are vicious rumors without any truth to them.
What say you, Guido, am I wrong?

We Dutch have a reputation for being miserly.
I assure you these are vicious rumors without any truth to them.
What say you, Guido, am I wrong?

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How can I ever disagree with The Dude!

But no, these are indeed rumors. And if one would indeed claim it to be true you will be introduced to the most noblest of Dutch traits: disagreeing with everything and even disagreeing with the fact that we disagree with everything.:nono:

I have the one with the horizontal circles.
Correct - that is the 70 handle. The 72 handle also has horizontal circles, but is slightly slimmer and a couple (really just a couple) of grams lighter.

Third picture shows my Flatboy with the 72 handle (and the 70 handle on my R41 head).

Still in! I made it!
May not seem like much but I went out in August on the 29th. So wanted to mail this one.

Today’s shave again used the MdC Agrumes with a TGN boar in a self made handle. I love-love-love the Agrune. Is MdC worth the price? IMO yes! Particularly because that expensive jar lasts a very long time. It lathers quickly and easily and a great scent.

As for the brush, I think I was gifted the TGN boar k it by a fellow B&B member, it is an excellent boar as well, I like it as much as my Semogues and more than any other boar knot I have purchased sans-handle to date.

The new element was the razor, a Henkel’s Platinum. Henkel is famous for their Friodur stainless razors - and of course their kitchen knives, but this is carbon steel. Great edge. I got this at an outdoor flea market. The blade was good but the plastic scales were severely degraded. So when I recently bought a belt sander this one of my first choices of razor’s to get a new set of scales. These are simple cherry wood, finished with wax.

Congratulations to all those who made it through the GRUME! 😀
Day 30, 100% complete.

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Lather: Gillette Sensitive Gel with Aloe
Brush: Yaqi 24mm synthetic cashmere
Razor: GC.84 SB, Al Handle, Astra SP #2
Bowl: Turkish copper
Post-shave: Nivea 2-in-1 Aftershave

Repeated an experiment I haven't tried since getting a synthetic brush, bowl-lathering canned gel.

I find these products too dry, and finger-lathering them as recommended is a very hit-and-miss way of hydrating them.

Used a large gobbet, and lathered it like shaving cream, adding drops of hot water. This attempt came out too wet, making it messy to use, but shave performance and post-shave were both fine.

I think this would be OK to use up, if I can get the amount of water right.

Congratulations if you made it to the end! Must go and sign up for the October GRUME, if I haven't already.
For this final day of being out I mixed it up a bit: I switched to my other early Postwar Tech; the gold fat handle. My perception had been that it wasn’t as good as my favorite skinny handled version, but that misperception has now behind me. I got close to a BBS with this fine razor and Feather blade.
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