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Sandlewood Scented Soap

I have RazoRock Santal Royale that I haven't used much until recently and
the scent has grown on me. I see Proraso and Stirling have a sandlewood
soap but what else is readily available?
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How is that razo rock?

I haven’t purchased a sandalwood soap yet, but everyone here says proraso and or Taylor of old bond street. I was eye balling the Stirling sandalwood and currently have it in my cart on WCS.

The proraso wood and spice grew on me when I got a sample of it.
For me, the best sandalwood soaps are JabonMan Sandalo (no longer available), and Cold River Soap Works Sandalwood.
Unfortunate CRSW is no longer available either. I just noticed that Wet
Shaving Products has a sandlewood soap. I have WSP Tobacco and Blackbeard
Formula T, both great soaps.
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How is that razo rock?
I get a good shave from RR soaps and the price is right. My Santal Royale never had a true place
in my rotation, not the soaps fault, but I've used it a few times lately and the scent is nice so
I have started my search for the holy grail of sandle wood soap and aftershave.
I have the Proraso red aftershave, and I'm a huge fan, I bought it because basically everyone here said it was the aftershave to get.

Which has now led me to my search of a sandalwood scented soap, I'd like to try the Stirling, although alot of people say the Proraso red is the holy grail of the sandalwood world.
I had Santal Royale for a while, it is a good, albeit complicatedly scented soap. It is a clone of a specific discontinued brand I believe, but is entirely unlike any of the normal sandalwood soaps so often mentioned here.

There are many options available that can be easily had: Proraso Red, TOBS Sandalwood, Stirling Sandalwood, Fine Santal Absolut, DR Harris Sandalwood, AOS Sandalwood (my personal fav), and the list goes on. Each is very unique from the others (except perhaps AOS and Fine, they are fairly similar by design).
I have the Wet Shaving Products Formula T Sandalwood shaving soap. I find it to be more of a true woodsy, sandalwood scent. I also enjoy the performance of Formula T, as well.
I have the Wet Shaving Products Formula T Sandalwood shaving soap. I find it to be more of a true woodsy, sandalwood scent. I also enjoy the performance of Formula T, as well.
I may order WSP Formula T Sandlewood soap as I like their products but go with the Praraso Aftershave
I may order WSP Formula T Sandlewood soap as I like their products but go with the Praraso Aftershave
I have and use Prosaso Red in the tub and the tube. I like the scent, but find the WSP Formula T a better performer while still having a nice scent. Both are woody scents, but I think the Proraso Red scent is "sharper."(if that makes any sense. or is that scents?)
I have some AoS sandalwood pucks that I plan on getting too eventually. The scent seems nice. A couple of years ago I got some WSP sandalwood and couldn't stand the scent at all and traded it off.

I'm not sure if I'm a sandalwood purist.

What I would really like to have is the scent of Trumpers sandalwood cologne. I know I could just buy Trumpers shave soap, but I've read to many negative remarks to risk it.


I like Haslinger’s sandalwood! Great performer, but the scent is very mild and fleeting.
I really enjoy Taylor of old bond street Sandal wood & Proraso Sandalwood Red aftershave combo.:001_wub:
Top 5 great soaps you & I use!

Top 5 soaps that I really enjoy and if folks are looking at some possible soaps that might be your enjoyable ones also.
When it comes to finding information on soaps it is so user bias and it's hard to make a purchase so I was thinking a way of giving the information to shavers who were thinking of a new soap and what to look for.
Barrister & Mann Seville: Very nice soft soap and creates a great lather and it can be a thirsty soap so don't worry about adding a little water, it has some floral & citrus scents and when smelling dry soap in the tub it does not do it justice until you add some water and moisten the lather it becomes a more powerful great scent. B&M are leaders in the artisan soap makers world for making slick and great lather soaps but at a premium.
Haslinger Schafmilch : Great soap and does not have powerful scent but it has a fresh clean scent and the lather is one of the best IMO. The pucks are a little small but it's worth the $10.00 US a puck and they have different scents also. The post shave is were it shines IMO because the skin feels soft and hydrated one of the best out of these 5 soaps. Been around for a long time so that is usually a good reason to buy something that survives a competitive shaving soap industry.
RazoRock XXX: One of my first croaps and it has never let me down when it comes to a nice sweet floral & citrus scent that is tranquil and makes me feel great, the lather slickness is good and post shave is also great and is reasonably priced for the quality you receive in their black tubs.
Tabac: Great all around triple milled soap that is very hard to beat by the competition. It has a strong tobacco flower citrus fresh scent that drives some shavers away but I have gotten more close shaves with Tabac than the best claiming soaps. It is a thirsty soap and a moist lather on 1st,2nd and 3rd passes will give great slickness and less problems for nicks and weepers.(The scent could be the only weakness but I do not find it offensive.)
Taylor of old Bond St: The scent alone is worth just buying IMO, its been around for a long time and is one of my very favorites scent wise, the slickness is normal and lathering is not a hard whip up under 1 minute. The croap is made in England and they have other great scents also like all soap manufactures now a days. It is a bit pricey but still worth IMO if funds are available.

All the best!What comes around goes around in time
Rocky Mountain Barber Company - Sandalwood is one of my favorites. Lathers up a storm with a very nice sandalwood scent. Matching balm available and pre-shave oil....
Love the Sandalwood. My take on these that I've tried. Pretty much in order of preference:

  • Fine Accoutrements Santal Absolut - Legendary to me. Great scent, like the Old Stock Tallow Sandalwood from AoS. A must for any Sandalwood lover. Great performer, too. Superb lather. Inexpensive, and a long-lasting puck. Checks all the boxes for me. Plus, it fits exactly into the bottom of my vintage Old Spice mug!
  • Proraso Red - Love the scent on this soap and splash. Authentic, to me at least, is the soap, and the performance is good. If you can catch it at TJ Maxx for $4, then it's a great deal. Some will claim that it's all chemicals and thumb their noses at it, but it performs well for me.
  • Soap Smooth - Tallow - Sandalwood Ten - pretty authentic scent. Very good performance.
  • TFS - Linea Intenso - Crazy Sandalwood - Good performance, and a medium-to-light scent of good authentic sandalwood
  • Haslinger’s - a more authentic scent. I like it, but it's a bit weak. Very good performing soap, though.
  • Gold Dachs Sandalwood- a more authentic scent. I like it, but it's a bit weak. Very good performing soap, though.
  • Captain's Choice Sandalwood - authentic. pretty good performer.
  • Lather & Wood Sandalwood - good performance. Nice authentic scent.
  • Stirling- tried a sample of it and found it difficult to find the Sandalwood in it. Pass.
  • DR Harris Sandalwood - Hard to find the Sandalwood scent in this one too.
  • Taylor of old bond street - The worst (to me). couldn't find the Sandalwood scent at all. But what came through was a horrible, synthetic scent that reminded me of a truck stop bathroom soap.
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