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Rudimentary Analysis of 5 OC Heads: Merkur 15c, RazoRock SLOC, Yaqi SS Mellon, Fatip OC, and Muhle r41


I think this fits, Gents
Funny part is out of the four on the list I've tried, the one I liked the most was the R41. I use way fewer strokes, and only need 2 passes tops, to achieve BBS with no irritation or weepers. - I will clarify that, the exception is with a Feather Blade, which on the first shave or two does cause some irritation and/or weepers in the R41.

I'm on the odd-ball list, as I also tend to apply some pressure during the shave, and start with a hybrid ATG/XTG pass, followed by a WTG for clean-up, if a second pass is needed or desired.
Do you shave steep, or shallow with all that pressure? I know a gent that uses a considerable amount of pressure with his Fatip. @Esox


Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
Here is the set-up I use for my pics @Jay21, I use the crosshair tool to center the tip of the blade in the pics.
View attachment 1670410
I don't have the Yaqi SS Melon, but I do have the rest of the razors in your test.
View attachment 1670409
The SLOC looks to be the mildest with negative blade exposure.View attachment 1670408
The Merkur 15C is next with neutral blade exposure.
View attachment 1670405
The Piccolo SE is when the blade starts to get forward and you begin to feel the blade.
View attachment 1670406
Then we have the Mühle R41. Positive blade exposure for that polished feeling on your face.

I hope these help!

Very nice set up you have, thanks for sharing!
This is my first attempt at analyzing razor heads. It's quite rudimentary as all I had on hand was my cellphone, graph paper for proper scaling, and a basic picture editor. If I had a better camera, tripod, and powerful image analysis software, I could do much better. But, this is what it is.

My goal for this was to try to understand for myself why certain OC head geometries feel so differently on my face. This is very much a YMMV hobby, but I am particularly intrigued how one person can classify one razor as mild with no irritation when another classifies it an an irritation machine. Yes, technique plays a huge part, but I also am a firm believer that certain razor head geometries will simply never work for certain people.

I have five OC razors, which are of increasing aggressiveness. The feel on my face aligns very well with the Italian Barber scale. That scale doesn't list the Yaqi, but based on my experience and reading posts here, it's pretty clear that the Yaqi Mellon is more aggressive than the SLOC. Here are the five OC razors I "analyzed" this morning listed in increasing aggressiveness:
  1. Merkur 15c
  2. RazoRock SLOC (probably a Yaqi OEM Mellon)
  3. Yaqi SS Mellon
  4. Fatip OC
  5. Muhle r41
For my very rudimentary analysis I placed the razors with the same blade (Dorco ST300) on graph paper to photograph with my cellphone. I used graph paper to try to equally frame each picture to the same size. Additionally, the graph paper lines helped account a bit for parallax, but it's probably not to be too trusted. Then, I put the pictures in a basic photo editor and traced lines over various parts of the razor. I did not control for parallax or other photo angles because I had no means to. Like I said, this was very rudimentary. I didn't dare taking actual measurements such as shave angle and blade exposure. My goal was to visually capture differences in razor head geometry. This is for fun.

Here are my findings:

In the first picture, you can see the razor heads and the lines I drew over them. Then, I copied those lines so you can see them separately. I realized that after this entire analysis I goofed with the Merkur 15c as it's not properly aligned on the graph paper. I must have bumped it somehow before I photographed it. It is what it is and I'm too lazy to repeat it and remake my graphics.

View attachment 1669277

In the second picture, I lined up all of the drawings and provided a key.

View attachment 1669265

I'll let those more skilled than me interpret what all this means. Yes, this far from a controlled study and would never pass any sort of scientific review or scrutiny. However, one takeaway I can see right away is the RR SLOC and Yaqi SS Mellon have some key differences between them other than the metal they are made from. Another takeaway for me is that the two most aggressive razors that leave me with considerable irritation, the Fatip and the Muhle, have the two smallest blade reveals and steepest (or shallowest??) shave planes.

It was a fun exercise for me on a Sunday morning in my attempt to understand why five different razors feel so differently on my face. For me, each razor increases in aggressiveness for me. They cut closer, but they also cause more irritation. I'm sure blade exposure plays a huge role in all of this, but I had no reasonable way to measure that.

Please discuss and have fun. And please don't shoot me as this was my first attempt at this.
I think it is helpful knowing and comparing razor specifications to move candidates into a group. Many of us need those lines and specifications for stereo and automobiles. In the end it is the listening and driving that will close the deal on a stereo or car. A desired shave closing the deal on a razor. Fifteen minutes later most of us can’t recite the specs anymore. I am enjoying your thread. It is exactly how I began my journey. A little less daring, I started with three razors. Razor performance closed my deal and became my exclusive lifetime razor.

Keep up the explorations and good work and you’ll find there will be many kind knowledgeable gents helping you with your quest. Some of your razors weren’t on the market when I fell in love with the open comb.

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