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Robert Becker Scuttle.

I would like to post my experience with purchasing a scuttle made by Robert Becker. First, the purchase itself was simple and flawless. Google Robert Becker Feats of Clay. Second, the price was well below what other scuttle manufacturers charge. Third, the quality. This scuttle is so beautiful I almost hesitate using it. Priceless quality. Now to functionaly. I purchased the large scuttle with brush holder, #009. Robert offers a wide variety of color combinations. This scuttle has a *huge* lathering bowl. My lather stays warm for three passes no problem. If you are looking for a scuttle I highly reccomend checking out Robert Becker.
So where are the pictures? :ohmy:

I will show you mine - now you show me yours.

$Becker scuttle.jpg
Robert Becker is a awesome Potter with great customer service!!! Below is my Robert Becker Medium ‘Cactus Sand’ Shaving Scuttle & Review". :lol1:


NOTE: I replaced the rubber stooper with a wine cork (perfect & tight fit), because at times...the rubber stopper would 'pop' inside the Scuttle (no problem fishing it out), due to the pressure/steam from the hot water. Of course I wouldn't have this occasional problem if I would'nt use near boiling water to start with anyway, but I have'nt had any problems with the wine cork....plus it looks 'cooler' :thumbsup:

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I bought a small lava slate scuttle back in February 2010. Robert had only been making scuttles since the previous October. He was great to deal with and the scuttle continues to keep my lather warm :)

I did find that the small size (3" x 3" interior) really wasn't conducive to whipping up lather (it can be done but...) so I use a warmed Sierra Cup (4.25" x 2.25") for that and put my brush and whipped lather in the scuttle. I probably ought to simply buy a larger size scuttle from Robert :)

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I too purchased a scuttle from Robert as well as a brush/soap dish that I had him expand two tooth brush holes wider so I could use to hold my two razors. Scuttle came out great but the color of the two bowls were incorrect. I wanted the brush holder /spout to be white and the main bowl red so it would be easier to see how much lather I had worked up as I have rather poor eyesite. Decided to go ahead and keep it and he did reduce quote for mixup. Down side is that 8 days after arrival, I knocked it off the counter getting out of the shower and broke the handle off as well as part of the brush holder/spout. The combined price for both was below the cost of any other custom scuttle for the scuttle alone.

$RBScuttle.jpg $RB scuttle B.jpg $soap-brush holder.jpg
Been looking at a few different scuttles. What is the purpose of the lid? Is it functional in the use of the scuttle? Is it just a part to finish off the piece? Not that it is a make or break, but is that $4 worth while?
The lid's purpose, IMO, is to keep the lather warmer. However, I did not order a lid and my lather is warm enough without it.
I too like my Becker scuttle. I feel the lid just finishes it off for looks. Mine also is the big one. And yes it is BIG. My next one will be the medium size. And for the record, it does every thing the $65 and up scuttles do. Excellent product.............JR
The lid's purpose, IMO, is to keep the lather warmer. However, I did not order a lid and my lather is warm enough without it.

Good deal, that is what I figured. Having not used a scuttle, I wasn't sure if you leave the brush in the bowl between passes or take it out and cover the lather. I am sure YMMV, but thanks for response.
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