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review of Muhle-Pinsel almond shaving cream

Guys, I bought a Muhle-Pinsel almond shaving cream yesterday, and I must say it's listed erroneously as almond. It smells almost like a light chocolate, not an almond scent. Anyway, I took my shower, and then dipped my brush into the tub, and I got a great, rich, creamy lather in seconds. I used my Merkur Vision for the shave, I went N-S for the whole shave, except along my neck where I lightly relathered and went S-N for one stroke. When I finished rinsing off and drying, my face felt smooth, comfortable and completely irritation free, but I was a bit disappointed because, the scent was completely gone. As it is, the almond (or chocolate) is very light in fragrance, and it just doesn't linger like Taylors, Trumpers or even DR Harris or Crabtree & Evelyn's version of almond. On a positive note, this cream DOES definitely deliver a fantastic shave. Yes, I'd give it a rating of 8/10.


Thanks for the review. Even though the scent isn't almond (disappointing I'm sure), would you classify the chocolate smell as pleasing?

my pleasure, Scotto. Randy, Nick, they also offer aloe vera which I have, and sandalwood which I'll eventually buy. Nick, the scent, what little of it there is, is ok, not earth shaking, but ok, I'd say it'll do just fine.

Randy, I buy the stuff at a store that sells all kinds of nice goodies for us wetshavers. Here in Montreal, we have a fair, not a huge choice of soaps and creams. We need some more variety.

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