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review of E-Shave cucumber shaving cream

Friends, I was laid up for a couple of days because of a bit of minor surgery that thank goodness went perfectly. A customer of mine who's also a personal friend, and also a wetshaving fanatic gave me a tub of E-Shave cucumber shaving cream. I'd heard of this brand, but I never thought of trying it. Well, after my shower, I opened up the tub, smelled it, and I kind of liked the scent, I dodn't really know what a cucumber smells like, but after wetting my Kent brush and splashing on some more hot water on my beautiful face :biggrin: I dunked my brush in the tub, and began to lather up. I found this stuff gives a rich, moist, copious lather enough for even 3 passes if necessary, and it rinses off easily, and the good thing is, you don't any more than a quarter sized amount to cover your whole face. It even leaves your skin feeling cool and soothed,I find that an added bonus. Ron, and anyone else who has this cream, it's a great product. I give it a big THUMBS-UP! :thumbup:

Jeff, glad to see that you really liked this stuff. I found that it provided decent lather, but I just couldn't get past the awful cucumber scent...too each his own. I would be interested in giving the White tea stuff a go though.
Randy, I don't mind the scent so much, it's plain, simple and clean. I'd love to get my mitts on the almond cream. I find the lather of this cucumber cream very good also.

smoothfacejeff said:
Scotto, I might just buy some of that after shave splash. Maybe even some Vulfix cream.

The Vulfix Sandalwood is lovely. Smells like cookies baking in the oven!
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