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Results to expect with Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment?

I have sensitive skin and coarse, wiry hair but can handle shaving across and against the grain on my cheeks. However, I'm prone to ingrown hairs along my jawline and neck, and am limited to only shaving with the grain in those areas. I've stuck with this technique for years but still get ingrowns after every shave, forcing me to skip a day or two between shaves so as not to further irritate the skin. I've looked at the AL Ingrown Hair Treatment and read a lot of positive reviews, but apart from the obvious reduction of ingrown hairs, what are some other outcomes of using it?

I'd specifically like to know whether guys who previously had issues with shaving across/against the grain are now able to do so without problems after using the product. I also wonder if people who couldn't shave everyday are now able to shave daily without flare-ups after using it. I understand my mileage may vary and I'm not expecting a miracle cure (not that it's advertised as one), but are these scenarios achievable or too optimistic?
I used The Cool Fix which is manufactured by Anthony and is nearly the same product judging from the comparison of the ingredients list (I had a friend who worked at Anthony who confirmed this). As you said it is very much a YMMV type deal but I found it somewhat helpful. The combination of glycolic, salycilic and phytic acid did to help relieve ingrowns but not eliminate them altogether. I was never able to shave ATG comfortably but then again I never have been. It's worth a shot to try it. Expect at least several weeks to really notice anything though.

Good luck to you!
Thanks! I actually checked out The Cool Fix as well but ended up ordering the Ingrown Hair Treatment, mainly because the former seemed like a general skin care product rather than a product created solely for one particular problem, as IHT appeared to be. I haven't come across a full ingredients list for either product, not that I've searched much, but I'll take your word for them being similar... although for some reason one is labelled in grams whilst the other is in millilitres (in Europe, at least). The Anthony Logistics US site shows TCF to be over twice the quantity of IHT for near enough the same price. Not sure what to make of that. Perhaps IHT is a concentrated form of TCF?

Anyway, I've read other reviews that also say it'd take a while to see a real difference, so I know I've gotta be in it for the long-run. But like you said, it's worth a shot. :thumbup1:
I've used both. I used to get a lot of ingrowns before I switched to DE. For me, both Anthony products worked about the same, which was hit or miss. Then one day, I noticed that I hadn't tried some of the other blades I got in my original blade sampler and gave one a try. Long story short, it was ugly the next couple days. Niether product would do anything. So I ended up getting Art of Shaving ingrown hair night cream, and man does that stuff work. I will occasionally get one from time to time, but that stuff works wonders. I ended up giving away the Anthony stuff. Moral of the story, if you find a blade / razor combo that works well, leave it be!
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