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Razorock - Lupo? Game Changer? Other?

The GC84 and Lupo95 are equally amazing razors. They both shave great. I would actually base my choice on looks since they shave similarly. The GC84 has an awesome, vintage, look. The Lupo has the REALLY cool scalloped safety bar.

FWIW, if you like to set your razor on the end, go with the GC.

Today, at this moment, I would pick the GC84. I wouldn't screw around with the OC options, but I'm biased.
Both the Game Changer .84 and Lupo .95 shave really well. If you want raw blade feel, the Lupo .95 is the obvious choice. However, the Game Changer has a fair amount of blade feel and is a bit smoother in my opinion. I happen to prefer the feel of the Game Changer, but I like the head design of the Lupo, particularly how the safety bar aligns with the edges of the blade.
Both the Game Changer .84 and Lupo .95 shave really well. (...)
You summed up the differences extremely well, couldn't have said it better myself. I also happen to favor the GC a bit. For blade feel I like the Timeless Slim and Apollo a lot, they made the Lupo a bit redundant for me.
My two favorite Razorock stainless razors are the Lupo .95 and the BBS-A. Both give me incredibly close and smooth shaves. Both are designed to my liking and both are very different from one another.
Well you cannot go wrong with any Game Changer or Lupo, would also argue BBS. Personal favorites are the BBS OC, Game Changer .84p, Game Changer .68 Jaws and the incredible Lupo .72
To be quite honest, there’s not a single bad razor in the whole Razorock arsenal. If one looks at what this manufacturer brings to the table and I’ll say this only for manufacturers within North America, there isn’t another house that offers the range, versatility, craftsmanship and affordability that Italian Barber/Razorock has presented and continues to present. Value is the key word with this house and no one else even comes close. Perhaps, Blackland with their range and only if & when their Era becomes available and yet, in my humble opinion it will still fall short of the unwritten standard that Razorock has established when we talk affordability and effectiveness of their shave tool line ups. That is no small feat when you consider the many artisans out there today that produce quality products at substantially higher prices. I don’t begrudge any of those artisan manufacturers their right to charge what they believe their product is worth. If there is a market & a demand for a said product in which consumers are willing to spend their capitol on, by all means. I know, I’ve bought a few of those “high end luxury” shave tools. As always, to each their own.

Anyways, these are my favorites from Razorock. They run from very mild to nicely efficient, to my standards as I speak only for me. I can’t tell you how these shave on your face because, I don’t have your face. But, I will tell you that dollar for dollar these razors shave exceptionally well and leave one with no wants in shave razor performance (for the majority, at least).

From left to right, 4th spot Mamba .70, 3rd spot BBS, 2nd spot Gamechanger.84 OC and numero 1 in the Razorock stable, the Lupo .95. Depending on what I want, they all work extraordinarily well.


Tonight it was the GC .84 OC, sweet shave……

I have the Razorock Game Changer in both .68 and .84 and I really like the razor. It is a fine piece of kit. However, I got a Henson AL13 medium and preferred that. I was surprised, too. Then, I got the Henson Ti22 the other day and now angels are singing. It is a better razor in every way, for me. Someone said, after seeing it, that even sitting still it looked like it was going 200mph. It is a very high tech razor, for sure, and looks it. This is not to demean the Game Changer, for it is a fine razor, just that I think the Henson is better. I also found that the GC is more blade particular on my face and the Henson less so.
Just the other day I put in an order to fill out my Game Changer lineup. Have the 0.68 SB, and I ordered the 0.68 OC, 0.84 SB, and 0.84 OC plates. Not sure I'll bother with the JAWS plates.

With how the GC 68 has impressed me, though, I suspect a Lupo is in my future at some point too. Especially if they offer OC plates, as I wont touch a dual comb for any reason.
Both GC and Lupo are made extremely well, have super rigged design without any blade chatter at all, have a good amount of efficiency while still being really smooth and on top of that are very inexpensive compared to many other DE razors including much more expensive and flashy ones that I highly doubt are going to have a day and night difference in terms of performance.

I have the .84 sb plate and the DC version of the Lupo and at some point I might trade the DC for the .95 version and buy either the .84 oc or jaws version of the GC.

If someone else made those razors, but mirror polished or made out of titanium with a more fancy handle, I can guarantee you that people would buy them and swear that they are amongst the best razors ever made, but since they are mass market products people tend to look down on them.
If someone else made those razors, but mirror polished or made out of titanium with a more fancy handle, I can guarantee you that people would buy them and swear that they are amongst the best razors ever made, but since they are mass market products people tend to look down on them.
I know what you mean. :badger:
Is this a copy lupo ? any good ?

It copies the style a little bit, with the corner cuts, but not completely.

The top cap is a lot thicker, with a rounder curve. The base plate is a lot thicker, and even with the deep cutout along the center line of the plate, that makes the head 70% heavier than the Lupo (44g vs 26g). The Telstar also lacks the scallops on the safety bar.
Is it better or pretty much the same as the Lupo ?

It has a few minor similarities with the stainless steel Lupo, but it's definitely not the same. I also have no idea how it shaved or whatever is better or not, but in my experience the Chinese razors are rarely good or better compared to well made razors outside of China.
I would like to get my first Razorock razor, but not sure which to get.
I have a Rex Ambassador, Ikon B1 Slant and the Rockwell 6S.
I also have a WCS shavette, which I am just starting to use on occasion.

I'm looking to experience something with more blade feel.
Also interested in experiencing an open comb.

I was leaning towards the RR Lupo with the dual head.... people seem to have mixed opinions regarding the OC side - and just looking for some advice and opinions to help figure out the best option(s).

Happy Friday!
The other guys already gave you good advise, however, to provide even a more precise advice I'd like to know what is the level of efficiency/blade feel you are looking for? Maybe I've missed this information, my bad if so.

Anyway, maybe you can give us an hint re: setting of the Ambassador or no. of the Rockwell plate which gives you a comfortable shave and if you seek to dublicate this result with a new Razorock razor (or if you are seeking a milder/more aggressive razor compared to these settings).
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