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Ray Dupont has passed away...

Ray Dupont has passed away. For those of you who don't know, Ray founded ClassicShaving.com. Corey has a nice article about Ray on his site today.

With Ray's passing, a leader in our shaving craft is gone, but he won't be forgotten.

Aha , I stumbled on his reviews a many a time not knowing he was a legend !
one will find him when delving into wetshaving.. his articles had humor for sure gave me some laughs...

I've been a wetshaver for sometime now. Ray was a stand up guy and very helpful. I'm surprised to see that there isnt more responses to his passing in this thread.

May God rest Ray's soul and grant his family all the strength and courage to carry on in this sad and difficult time.

While I never knew the man, should his wife Laurie or daughter Danielle ever visit this site, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

As a veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart, we salute Ray for service to his country.
My prayers for his family, that they may be comforted in knowing that Ray has gone on to a better place.
it seems that the wetshaving community is again touched by tragedy. Although I did not know Ray personally, his loss will be felt. After reading the msnbc article on wetshaving, classic shaving was my next stop(and first purchase).

I then read his articles on wetshaving and made my decision. By the time I was finished reading, i knew I was a "DE" guy rather than a "straight".

We all want to leave a part of ourselves behind that people will remember-Ray's articles and insight will still be read,viewed, and listened to by many. The impact he has had on our lives( for good) cannot be measured.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

To say his impact on this hobby was enormous would be an understatement. Hopefully his family can take comfort in the fact that he's at a better place now.

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