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R.I.P. Hammerin' Hank


It was a Stratocaster with a whammy bar!
How many of us can say we watched number 715 go over the fence? I hope I never forget it.
I watched it as a wee lad. I am a Dodgers fan who lived in Iowa at the time so as a 10 year old any Dodgers game on national TV I watched. I can even remember Al Downing throwing the pitch.

RIP Hammerin Hank.


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RIP Hank Aaron. I didn't realize he had passed until I read an obituary just now. Truly a cultural icon.


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It was a Monday night and my dad was playing cards at the Lions Club. Never forget it.
Lol, I was helping my mom make a cake! I learned a valuable lesson: always UNPLUG the hand mixer before you attempt to remove the beaters. Having your pinky bent backwards is never fun, but it's a little easier to take when you stick your finger in your mouth and it's covered with chocolate cake mix!


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Have some respect for that great baseball player. Calling him ‘Hammering Hank’ is respectful.
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