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Question of citrus aromas

I get the general sense that the scents (whats it called when two words pronounce the same, spelled different and different meaning?), creams, etc are more citrus and floral than spice, tobacco, or wood. I've got my first QEDman ordered, Bergamot. My favorite SCS is really Citrus Basil, followed by Savory Rose.

Just curious about a few citrus scents out there and what are favs and impressions. Especially wondering about Floris JF, Penhaligon Blenheim Bouquet, Taylor's Eton College, St. James (is that citrus-y?). Also what are some other favorite orange/bergamot, lemon, and lime scents.


MJB said:
I get the general sense that the scents (whats it called when two words pronounce the same, spelled different and different meaning?),

I think it's a homonym.

Oh, and the only citrus I have any experience with is Trumper's lime. I like it but the SWMBO doesn't much care for it.
Floris JF - Top Notes: Mandarin, Orange, Lemon Zest ,
Middle Notes: Armoise, Cypress, Amber ,
Base Notes: Exotic Woods, Amber ,

Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet - one of my favorite scents. Citrus notes along with some undertones of pine and spices. An absolute must IMHO!
Harris Arlington is a nice citrus scent also. Lime and mandarin notes with a powdery dry-down.
Hi there. Some thoughts for you:

Floris JF is a strong neroli (orange blossom) scent, but has a strong base of amber. Nice stuff, but I am not sure I would call it a true citrus cologne.

Blenheim Bouquet has one of the most interesting zesty citrus openings out there in colognedom, but you need to love pine also for this one. This one is polarizing - love it or hate it.

St. James is citrusy, but has a strong "herby" component. Very masculine.

Eton college is gross. Can't comment on it beyond that.

My choice for top citrus cream: T&H West Indian Limes
My choice for top citrus soap: QED Fresh Limes

For colognes, there are lots of choices. Taylor Lime is the best pure lime scent out there, bar none. Acqua di Parma has a great lemon topnote. There are lots of others, but I'll stop typing there.
I agree with Scottos pick on QED's Limes...the scent is amazing. I used my Bergamot Shave stick this morning and it was very pleasant. The other I would definitely order is the Grapefruit/Peppermint.
I just got samples of T&H West Indian Limes and of Castle Forbes Lime. The CF is the better smelling. It doesn't have any trace of artificial scent and actually smells limey (also very little colorant). However, I do not like the way the CF lathers. The T&H smells good but a little overcolored and overscented. The lather seems better to me.
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