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Public Opinion Aggressiveness Poll: The Mild Razors

Are any of these very mild razor heads more aggressive than the others?

  • Lord L6

  • Lord L5

  • Wilkinson Sword Classic

  • Weishi / Micro Touch One / Van Der Hagen TTO

  • Merkur Futur (most mild setting)

  • Merkur Progress (most mild setting)

  • Of those I've used, the differences seem less than 5% to me

  • I'm not sure

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This is the ninth, companion public opinion poll towards (hopefully) creating a B&B Modern Razor Aggressiveness Scale. Please see (and also vote at) this page for more information:


If you haven't already, please vote on all where you have experience:

1. Midpoint Reference Poll

2. Merkur vs I Kon slants

3. Muhle or Edwin Jagger 89 vs Merkur 34/38C

4. Above The Tie (ATT) M1 vs Weber Polished Head (PH)

5. Muhle R41 (2013) vs Above The Tie (ATT) H2

6. Weber Polished Head (PH) vs I Kon OC

7. Joris vs FaTip

8. Feather Popular vs Feather AS-D2
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Also, if any of these feel/behave less aggressively to you, please reply back on that in the comments!
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