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Pinaud Clubman

My barber uses pinaud clubman. So I went out and purchased a bottle. I love the way it smells. For some reason I think the scent stays on you longer then any other aftershave I use. Which isn't a bad thing.
My barber uses the Clubman talc afterwards on my neck and I like it. However, I have never really warmed up to the aftershave. This may sound weird, but I actually just put a few drops in the sink to liven up the scent of my "manly" bathroom.
I know I would like the scent of Clubman Aftershave because I already have and use both the shampoo and the talc. However, when it comes to aftershave, I'm most concerned with its healing and skin-conditioning properties. Some of my favorite aftershaves include Speick, Myrsol Metisol & Agua Balsamica and Floid Blue, owing to the wonders they work on freshly shaven (i.e. scraped) skin.

(1) Can anyone offer advice as to the healing/skin-conditioning properties of Clubman and for that matter Lilac Vegetal? I would like to get both of these, but somehow I fear they might be a waste of money for me.

(2) Also, can Clubman and Lilac Vegetal be used sparingly (without compromising performance) such that they don't overpower/interfere with cologne?

My thanks in advance, Gentlemen, for any guidance you may be able to offer.
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From what I have learned, using Pinaud is perhaps the most important thing you can do to your skin after shaving, as it both heals and conditions the skin.

In fact, I hear that if you use it after shaving, your whiskers will grow back almost .34% faster than if you don't. Therefore you get to shave more often.

As far as the Club or Veg adulterating your cologne, forget it. Just take the .34% faster whisker growth, re-shave, use your EdT and move on.

PS. Clubman tastes like crap, but, man, what a buzz!...I don't even remember the past 11 hours.

1) Can anyone offer advice as to the healing/skin-conditioning properties of Clubman
I use the classic A LOT...and the musk and citrus musk as well...and I think it makes my skin feel great....I do also use witch hazel, and moisturizer daily... But I love my clubman!! Just not the VIBR or the SR....eek!


Absolutely! I like their men's talcum, too (not for my face, but it has the same scent). Definitely no chance of mistaking the Clubman for any "modern" or "metrosexual" scent -- it's pure old-barber-shop or wood-paneled-men's-club-locker-room material
+1. Clubman is the opposite of metrosexual. :thumbup1::thumbup1:
I have a sample bottle of both classic Pinaud Clubman and the Bay Rum variety waiting to be delivered. After reading these posts I'm even more excited for their arrival.
Does clubman grow on you? Should I apply it first before judging its scent too harshly? I received two samples in the mail today and my initial reaction was negative.
All aftershaves need to get out of the bottle and breathe a bit to get a really good idea of how they really smell. I've also found that a lot of them will grow on you given a little chance. It takes a little experimentation to determine exactly how much to use for your desired effect, how wet the face should be at application, what other products you might use with it etc. I don't really set my opinion about a product until I've spent at least 4 or 5 days with it. It's well worth taking time getting to know Clubman.

Very well, I will try letting it sit and then apply it before I write it off. I had heard so many good things about it, perhaps my expectations were a little too high as well. Wish I had some nice glass containers on hand to decant them into, but I do only have sample sizes anyhow.
Also, if you are a fan of hot sauce, you can reuse a bottle of Cholula or Tabasco or similar.
In one instance I purchased a bottle of vinegar because it was glass, distinctive, and came with a flow restrictor. It will make for a great decant bottle once I empty it.
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