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PIF: Straight Razor Starter Kit

I am NOT in, but I wanted to say this is very generous and is a good PIF. We need to entice more over to the dark side, so they can pass on the gentlemanly art and entice other uses as well, so that Straight razor shaving will take over the world, so that the price of vintage straight razors will spike (after I get everything I want) and I can retire off of razors... or at least pretend that I could knowing that I wouldn't sell any.
I’m in — not sure if I’m a rank newbie as I have two straight razor shaves on two vintage razors I’ve restored, honed on lapping film and stropped on a vintage Bresduck linen/leather strop that I restored. I probably have more money in restoration products and lapping film than the strop and three razors (I picked up a Wade and Butcher that needs scales, so I guess I’ll be learning to “peen” as well). A Kamisori is intriguing as I don’t own any new gear.


Tally time! The PIF closed last night at midnight Pacific, so one entry was too late.

There are 22 eligible entries. Let's see what the random number generator has to say. Drum roll...

And the winner is... #43. @carluchi the PIF is yours! Please PM me with your mailing address, and also tell me whether you want the soap and brush. May your weepers be few, and your BBS shaves be plentiful.
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