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PIF: Straight Razor Starter Kit

I'm in too. Wow! What a great PIF... I have been shaving with straights for a while now, and have been really intrigued with the kamisori type razors. Thank you for the opportunity!
Great Pif! I am tempted as that kamisori looks like a great razor to begin the SR journey. I am just not sure that I would stick with it and I wouldn't want to take the opportunity away from someone who will give it a great effort. Respectfully not in.
I'm in. Long time lurker, officially joined this afternoon, hope that doesn't disqualify me. Even longer time I have been obsessed with natural sharpening stones and even straight razors. More recently I finally broke thru into honing and using them to shave.
I’m in. I started out with a blade, well lets just say not so good steel. Stopped, and would like to start again. So I would like to try some great steel.

Thank you.
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