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GIVEAWAY! PIF Gem 1912, Featherweights and blades.

After all the support I have received during my time on the B&B and being the winner of a PIF myself, and through the generosity of other members here. I have a nice PIF for someone!

So today I am putting up a nice 1912 Gem with original case and blade bank and also a couple of gem featherweights and aprox 24 new gem coated blades.

They all need a good cleaning before use. When I received them I gave them a dawn dish soap bath and that's it. I have never mustered up the courage to shave with any of them. I am quite happy just using DE's.

Ok the rules. Sorry folks, US entries only. We got the shipping! Would really prefer to see this set go to someone who is interested in using a SE but has not pulled the trigger on one for whatever the reason. This gives you a chance to dabble with DE's and find out if it's for you or not.
Just PIF it onto another fine B&B member if it's not your cup of tea!

Just say your in to be entered!

All entries names will be written on a piece of paper and placed in a gallon pickle jar (yes, old fashioned) and a name will be pulled out of the jar on Tuesday 12-27 by my wife Olivia and a winner announced! We can message the winner for a shipping address or you can contact us, either way. The quicker the better, that way we can get it out to you in the mail next week.

Me and Olivia want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and have a very safe and fun New Year.

Good luck to all that enter!


I'm in. I have been very curious to experience these beautiful razors, particularly reading posts praising their efficiency. My only hesitation has been committing to yet another blade type. Thankfully the blade choices are limited :)


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Respectfully not in, but I have to say that those are fabulous razors....the Featherweight is a fave of mine, and a GEM of a shaver!
The coated blades are awesome in those. The SS? Uh, no, like shaving with a piece of glass for me. YMMV. but I finally ordered the coated blades and had a great shave today with a micromatic that used to scare me.
Very generous of you to pass those along.
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