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GIVEAWAY! My Next PIF - 100 Gillette Minora Stainless Steel Blades


Not made for these times.
A couple more days to go before I draw a lucky winner.

Throw your hat in, friends!

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Not made for these times.
Good morning, friends.

Through random selection we have a winner.

Step right up @DEgeezer

Congrats, sir! Please PM me your contact info and I will get those blades mailed out to you this weekend.

As always, thanks for playing and all your kind words, my friends.

I have another PIF to do before I move back to Nashville next month. I will resume my PIFs when I get settled in my new place there. That's a promise.

- Eric
Eric is the Blade Master, Super Human....Thks Eric..
Congrat to DEgeezer!
Shave like no tomorrow..
Shave like you have never Shaven before...

Shave the Whales..
Oh..sorry typou..
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