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Petition to Henkel: bring back the old tallow formulation stick, and the Manantiales!

Hello gentlemen!

Let's start an international petition to Henkel (the company behind La Toja), in order for them to revert to one of the previous formulation of the shaving stick, since the last one, although good, it is not as good as it used to be. Another goal is to put some pressure on Henkel in order to make them bring back the good old Manantiales bowl ("cuenco de afeitar").

Well, what are the GFT samples doing there? As a matter of fact... nothing - it was the only photo that I had with both the stick and the Manantiales together! :lol:

I believe that this is a worthy cause, and definitely not a lost one - sometimes, even big companies listen to their customers and act.

Recently, the same has been done with Lascaray, producers of the LEA shaving stick, and they came up with a new formula of it, containing tallow and lanolin.
Another recent successful story was the recent comeback of Lavanda shaving cream, produced by Ach. Brito/Claus Porto, and reintroduced by public demand, mainly on Facebook.

Now we should do the same with La Toja and ask Henkel to improve the stick or revert back to one of its oldest formulations like these ones here:

- This one has tallow on it,as you can see:

And this one has a formulation almost like the Manantiales shaving soap:

And yes, before you ask "Why mess with a good thing? The current shaving stick is awesome!", let me tell you: the current La Toja soap is indeed a good product, but the former formulations (specially the tallow one) were MUCH better! They know how to make a really excellent tallow shave soap, with less ingredients and a greater perormance than the current one - they've already made it in the past, why don't they make it nowadays?

And please, request also for the La Toja Manantiales shaving soap on a wooden bowl to come back into production. This soap was perhaps La Toja's most prestigious product, but it was sadly discontinued about 7 months ago. It was made in Spain, a true Spanish product, while the current shaving stick is made in Slovakia.

So we can write something like this :

To whom may it concern :

I have been using your shaving stick for almost X time and I'm not happy with the actual shaving stick performance: its quality have been lowering, and it's not the same of what it used to be.

I would like to request that you can change the actual formulation/ingredients of the shaving stick or revert to one of the older formulations, with tallow.

Also I would like to kindly ask to bring the La Toja Manantiales shaving soap on a bowl ("cuenco de afeitar") back, since it was a brilliant shaving soap sold on an outstanding package, maybe your most prestigious product, and I was truly disappointed when I discovered that is no longer made.

Kind Regards:


Of course you can write whatever you want, this is just a suggestion (and please, excuse my English, it is not my first language)

This is the Henkel email to send this request: Formulario - Henkel

We already made Ach. Brito to bring back Lavanda shaving cream and LEA/BEA to make a new stick with tallow and lanolin. Lets make Henkel to make La Toja with tallow again! We need your help and this is something that would be beneficial for all.

Thanks a lot for your help, gentlemen!

Traditional wet shavers of the world, UNITE!
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You could always start a petition, gentlemen... sometimes, those big companies do listen to their customers. I've shown you two successful recent stories - the comeback of the Lavanda cream and the Lea tallow stick.
Anyhow, it is always worth a try! :001_cool:


B&B's Man in Italy
Excellent, Emanuel! Do we really have any chance to get the great Manantiales shaving soap back in production? Fingers crossed, it was amazing stuff (and I need it in my rotation).
Emanuel, sounds like a great idea my friend! Do you think this is also possible to do so with Musgo Real to create a shaving soap/stick again?
Thank you, gentlemen! Let's hope that we have success.

E-mail sent right now. Not sure what "appelido" means?
Appelido in Spanish means "Surname" or "Family Name"

Emanuel, sounds like a great idea my friend! Do you think this is also possible to do so with Musgo Real to create a shaving soap/stick again?
That would be amazing - and probably a great idea for a future petition to Ach. Brito/Claus Porto and Lafco NY (partners of Ach. Brito for the American market).
They had already brought back Lavanda shaving cream by public demand - so, who knows? Maybe we can be successful at that one too.


yes,it would be great,but I ,for one, would rather have the tub reborn in the same material,but in a Proraso tub shape,so bigger brushes can be used directly onto the soap...
Sent. I'd love a tallow stick that smells this good back in the rotation, and missing Manantiales is one of my great wetshaving regrets.
Excellent, Emanuel! Do we really have any chance to get the great Manantiales shaving soap back in production? Fingers crossed, it was amazing stuff (and I need it in my rotation).
i was lucky to obtain a new jar/soap recently and it's on deck for the 1st time tomorrow.
I also have the Manantiales and love it. Maybe we can force them to produce it again.
Thank you again, gentlemen!
I've been using the stick for a few years (used it yesterday) and never thought there was anything wrong with it. I did send an email to ask that they re-introduce the Manantiales bowl soap since I missed out on that one the first time around.
There's nothing wrong about the La Toja stick, except the fact that the previous versions (specially the tallow ones) were MUCH better! :w00t:


B&B's Man in Italy
Emanuel, did you or any or your friends on other shaving boards get any answer from the Henkel Iberica group?
I don't have the la toja sticks but I de have the bowl and it's fantastic stuff. I found it strage it was discontinued...for years it used to be impossible to get outside of spain and then last year gifts&care started selling it, then several other sites picked it up...so their sales of manatiales must have exploded! then only months after selling the soap worldwide they decide to cancel the whole line? makes no sense at all. Maybe they had stopped making it years ago and we suddenly exhausted all their stock?


B&B's Man in Italy
My friends, I have to be honest. I find the current La Toja stick to be an excellent product and one of the finest sticks currently made. Hence, I would be happy anyway with this version if the Henkel Iberica group doesn't change it to one of its previous versions. But the Manantiales puck in wooden bowl is something I really want back. Please do not stop sending messages to the manufacturer.
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