Perfect storm

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    I'll bet it is chaos in town tonight. The perfect storm:

    Start of the weekend
    Full moon
    Friday the 13th
    Harvest moon

    Anyone who doesn't think the full moon affects things needs to talk to any cop or anyone who has worked in an ER. Even the wife says she can tell a difference with the people at the casino hotel she manages. It even influences ocean tides.

    I'm keeping an eye out for those pesky lycanthropes.

    Couple of more hours until it peaks.

    DSC_0002 (3).JPG
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  1. I was both a geriatric nurse and a psych nurse. It is real, VERY real.
  2. Some people that haven't seen it don't believe it.

    Sorry about the bad moon shot...I had to take that one quick before the clouds moved on. I tried to get it later with a better shot but no dice. I manually adjusted the camera settings but still couldn't get it good. The last Blood Moon I got turned out well with even the craters showing. I have some work to do on camera settings.
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    Your image is fine. It seems India had a bad moon shot.
  4. martym

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    People get stupid during full moons. Glad I no longer patrol the streets.
    I was in the house, doors locked, and alarm on well before dark last night and I was checking the cameras often. Our front and back doors are steel with a fake wood covering and their frame is concrete. Each door has 12 deadbolts and a lock. The bolts “drop” into the concrete.
    We have 4 cameras inside our home. These cover the 3 entry points and one is in the kids play, game, movie room. The other 12 cover the windows, doors, garage, and driveway. We also have 23 flood lights. There is not a single area that is dark outside and all lights are on a single digital timer.
    Last night the doorbell rang. We checked the live camera. No one was there. We viewed video from 3 cameras. Nothing!
    It was a perfect storm night!!
  5. jar_

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    Yes, yes it was. Well perfect storm afternoon at least. The sky was falling and an inch and a half of it fell in less than an hour here.
  6. martym

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    We got some of that stuff too!!!
    Pure craziness
  7. Whew. Finally figured out how to get the ISO speed off of auto. Go to this menu, select this sub-menu, select this sub-sub-menu, then in that menu select this and push that button.

    Then get out of the menu and push this button while turning that until you get the ISO speed you want, then press this button.

    I think I've got it set about right, just have to wait on the moon to come up again tonight. Tripod is already out. Supposed to be clear tonight so probably won't be able to get any clouds included in it.
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    Rep Points awarded!

  9. Ouch. Funny, but ouch lol.
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    Saw it rise, and set.

    Listened to Harvest Moon renditions by Leon Redbone, Neil Young and Blue Oyster Cult. BOCs was actually best.

    Hope y'all saw it well, won't be another Friday 13 harvest moon for 500 years!

    Yet it will be truly as good tonight, just a few minutes later.

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    Some of the jokes in news comment sections are beyond brutal!

  12. I believe. My wife and I just argued about why I bought more thyme when we have a plant out back that I didn't know about. The only problem is we argued about it two days ago already. I believe. It's real.
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    Our dog reacts to a full moon. She wants to go outside multiple times.
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    Your image works because you exposed for the clouds. You'll never get both the clouds and the moon exposed well in the same shot. If you want to expose for the moon you need to ignore you cameras meter, unless you have a long enough lens to fill the shot with the moon. Put the camera in manual and set ISO 100, shutter 1/100, f11 and bump setting around from there. If you get camera shake speed up shutter and open aperture. If its too dark or too bright adjust shutter and or aperture to compensate.
  15. I have it set at ISO 100, shutter 1/125, and aperture f11. I'll see how that works then adjust.

    I read where it may be good to turn off image stabilization, but I'll try it both ways. The Tamron lens has vibration control on/off switch. It's an 18-400 lens.
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  16. Much better now that I jumped through 15 hoops to get rid of the factory preset automatic mode that overrode even the manual mode. I couldn't get anything but a totally white moon last night even when there were no clouds.

    But I still know nothing...I'm just a flea on an elephant's butt for my knowledge. Thanks @troy. I don't have Photoshop, but do have GIMP for editing. Need to spend some time learning how to use it.

    Even a man who is pure in heart
    and says his prayers by night
    may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
    and the Autumn moon is bright.


    And his hair was perfect.

    DSC_0005 (2).JPG

    DSC_0005 (3).JPG
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    Now for the Hunter's Moon, in Orion ...

  18. troy

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    Great shot!
    Lately he's been overheard in Mayfair.

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